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     In reality the Laws of God are only ONE, and that ONE is Truth expressed through Love.  In our world, that is our miracle.  We change our minds from fear and extend the Love that we are.  However, within our illusion God's Laws appear to us as varied.  So ACIM© talks to us where we are as if His Laws were many.

    God is the Idea of perfect completeness, joy and unity forever.  The description that expresses His Existence and the Creation of His Kingdom are His Laws.  That is, the description of God IS His Law.  "God Himself created the law by creating by it." (T 7-IV. 3:8)  He extended the totality of His Oneness in infinite and unending Creation.  That Creation goes on in a continuous flow of limitless energy.  Creations law is that each idea of which the Mind of God and His Extension, The Christ, conceive adds to Creation's abundance, never taking away. (T-26-VII.13:3)  Creation is eternal Innocence.  It is All there Is, without opposite or limit.  Our SELF as part of the Christ is part of that ongoing Creation.  It seems for awhile we have forgotten as we pursue our journey of separate specialness.  Actually there is nothing at all outside of God and His Creation.  If we should think there is, that mistaken thought is an illusion, a dream, quite impossible and untrue.  But now, we think that we have bought into the lie and that it is real!

     Within the Heaven of God's Mind, His Laws are: TRUTH, LOVE and CREATION.  This is the World of Knowledge where All is known as ONE and extended as such.

     In our illusory world of perception, they become FORGIVENESS, HEALING and FREEDOM.  Our ego has its "laws" of projection and death, being its laws of chaos.

     The Laws of God operate continuously, totally and eternally in the Heaven of God's Creation.  For us to become aware of them, Holy Spirit must translate them into our language because He is fully aware of both heaven and our illusion.  We can't see it ourself, we need Holy Spirit to interpret God and guide us.

     There are 236 references to "laws" in "A Course In Miracles©."  Many of these mention the Laws of God without specifically naming them.  God's Will is His Law.  Whatever God does not think, isn't.  His Own description is a description of His Laws.

     Therefore, all of the qualities describing God and Heaven ARE His Laws.

     We say God is OMNIPOTENT (all-powerful), OMNISCIENT (all-knowing) and OMNIPRESENT (everywhere, all the time).  His qualities and those of His Creation, Christ, are; perfection, completeness, happiness, unity, and eternal life.  In His Extension, He gave His Creation all His Qualities.  We are all part of that Christ and thus part of God.  We live and have our being as a Thought in the Mind of God.

     As we continue to learn our lessons of awakening within our world, we begin to recognize the reflection of some of Heaven's laws such as:-
     T-5-I.1:5 and 6, describes the Laws of "Having and Being; Giving and Receiving", where Spirit mind sees no difference.  To give is to receive and everything I give, I give unto myself.

     T-9-I.11.7 to 9, maintains the Laws of "Seeing and of Happiness" which were made for us and not by us.  Seeing is looking through the Vision of Christ (FORGIVENESS) which leads us back to our Happiness.

     T-7-IV.7, directs us to first seek the Kingdom of Heaven where we will find the Laws of God because they are the Laws of Truth.  Truth and God are the same Word.  The agent of Truth is Love which when extended becomes Creation.  Through It we are able to awaken to the memory of What we are as part of the Created and Creating Christ.

     T-10-IV.4, God's Laws are His Will.  He has willed our PEACE and our FREEDOM and so they are part of His Laws.  Whatever God Wills are His Laws and there is no other law outside them.
     T-12-VI.6 and 7, explain Unity under the Laws of God.  We read, "Very gently does God shine upon Himself, loving the extension of Himself that is His Son."  That is us.  That is where we live and have our Being in the Unity of God.  Paragraph 7 closes with "Heaven is your home, and being in God it must also be in you."  Such is the ONENESS of God and His Kingdom.  In the holy instant we understand the ONENESS and that we are part of It.

     T-26-VII, summarizes the Laws of Healing.  Since all healing is of the mind, then healing is the process where the mind changes its vision from the false perception of illusion to the holy perception of truth.  This is the process of the Atonement and provides us with the opportunity of seeing truly.  With our belief in separation healed through the guidance of Holy Spirit, we find ourself in His Real World, the most right-minded perception possible, with Heaven but a step away.  The process in gaining the Real World is through our FORGIVING ourself for what we thought ourself, our brothers and God were.  In It we regain the unity of the Oneness of God and His Kingdom.  God created us as part of Him, and what is true must forever remain true.

     T-30-IV.4, says "Reality observes the Laws of God."  Since Reality is Heaven its laws are those of Heaven or God.

     Reality, Heaven, God, Christ, Unity and Life both describe and are the Laws of God.  Therefore, it is impossible to separate their description from themselves.  Once it is understood that They are all that is Real, we can understand why God's plan for salvation is to give us who are Part of Him back to Himself.  Our job, as we wander here, is to awaken from our dream of separation and re-join our SELF as Part of God, in God.

     As we complete the mirror of God's Laws here of FORGIVENESS and HEALING, we are brought to our total FREEDOM in the all-encompassing Light of God's Love.

     We understand the Law of Love that says that what I give to my brother is my gift to me.


    (SEE LESSON 80)
    SEPARATION is the problem!
    ATONEMENT is the answer!

     It seems very simple when you say it fast.  And it would be simple except that we keep throwing up complicated and conflicting illusions of "our truth" that block and distort our vision.

     Over time, which we also invented, separation seems to have taken many, many forms until it becomes almost impossible to imagine that all of us were once ONE.  Our problems seem to be so much worse than our brother's and we say, "If you only had MY troubles, you really would have something to complain about!"  This one fears this, that one fears that, and each thinks his situation worse.  We can't even relate to most problems our brothers have and think, "That's really nothing at all, I can't understand why he is so upset about it."

     We watch the evening news and see all the problems.  Some are worried about the plight of the rain forests or a hole in the ozone layer.  Some are concerned about wars with their uncaring death and destruction.  Some about "natural" disasters that claim untold lives and property.  Some about murders and social unrest.  STOP!  STOP!  STOP!

     It is time to do what the old railway crossing signs said and STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.  STOP making the madness real by giving it your agreement and support.  LOOK for that other way of seeing A Course In Miracles© talks about.  LISTEN to your inner guidance that is your Holy Spirit.  There IS no problem unless you make it one.  Know that Holy Spirit has it all in hand if we only give it up, give it over and let Him direct our mind.

     "The PROBLEM is a GRIEVANCE; the ANSWER is a MIRACLE." (L-90)

     The question is often asked, "When did the separation happen, and to whom?"  ACIM© answers, "What does it matter since you are still doing it over and over and over every day after day."  Actually, it never happened at all, but we are not going to convince ourselves of that while we still believe our illusion is real.  Not being able to make the distinction between truth and the lie ourselves, we have to withdraw our investment in what we think is real, get very quiet and hand it all over to Holy Spirit for His answer and guidance.

     As our lives begin to change from fear and conflict to peace and happiness, we learn to trust Holy Spirit more and more until we reach a place where we have no further interest in our ego, its thinking and its world and we begin to cross the bridge in our mind to the Real World.  This is the SHIFT in our perception that ACIM© says will happen as we advance to accepting the Truth.  And it does happen.  It requires us to look with the Vision of Christ instead of the eyes of our ego body and life.  Judgement, opinion and "personal" belief are relinquished in the valley of the battleground in favour of our view from the mountaintop of God's Mind.  We reclaim our position as a Thought in the Mind of God as we were created, and have always been.  We have accepted ATONEMENT for ourself.  We finally know beyond any doubt where and what we are.  We are aware of our creation and our goal.  Our happiness and our innocence opens before us in a bright light before us.  We do not any longer look back at what was because now we have no further interest in it.  We know who we are, and we are headed HOME to the infinite eternity of our SELF.  The journey closes where it began, no trace of it remains.  We are back to our SELF as the Created Christ within the Bliss of God's Unlimited Mind.


     A MIRACLE is the Love we extend to each other while we are still in the perceptual realm of earth.  They are natural because they come from the Love that we are, as created by God.  That Love is in us and always has been.  The miracle is directed by Holy Spirit once we have given up our egoic judgement.  The miracle has been described as a change in the way we look at situations.  This is also true, as for a miracle to happen, we must have first given up our need to define or do anything on our own.  The miracle, once extended, starts a chain reaction of love, without limit and has positive effects we can't even imagine.

     A Course In Miracles© uses the word GRIEVANCE in a very broad sense.  Webster's Dictionary defines it as "a real or imaginary ground of complaint."  While that is true, ACIM© goes much farther to include all the judgements and opinions we hold as to what everything in our world is or should be.  We make up our minds what is right as we define it, and proceed to enforce it over our surroundings.  ACIM© says that any thought, opinion or judgement we hold outside the Mind of God is a GRIEVANCE.  It is an injustice we see which needs our correction.

     Our "grievances" became very real to us and seem to define the world we see.  Corporations, Unions and various social groups will even set up "grievance committees" to hear complaints and opinions, keeping them "alive and well."  A grievance carried to the extreme will escalate through argument and attack to war and death.  Each party is sure they are right and vehemently defend their position.  They have forgotten what they are!

     In Lesson 78, ACIM© instructs us to "gently lift our eyes" to see the miracle that stands beyond the grievance.  If we are asked a question for which we do not have a ready answer, we will invariably, instinctively raise our eyes 22½ degrees for the desired information.  In this action we have left horizontal perception, and have gone to the realm of our higher mind for our Guidance.  Watch for this phenomenon, and you will see it happen.  In that one action, we have raised our sight up and over our ego perception and gone down behind it to the light of truth.  This is FORGIVENESS in action where we have given up our own judgement in favour of the guidance of Holy Spirit.  He supplies our new vision and allows us to see the Child of God shining clear in our brothers and ourself.  Our whole sight changes as we see a vision of a new world shining in innocence with all our brothers as our saviours, who have waited long for us to see, as we say,

     "Let me behold my saviour in this one
     You have appointed as the one for me
     To ask to lead me to the holy light
     In which he stands, that I may join with him."  (L-78)

     (22½° is half of 45°, which is half of 90°, directly overhead)

     As we "Let miracles replace all grievances", we remember that we and all our brothers are Thoughts in the Mind of God, where we really LIVE and have our BEING, and have done since before time began.

     A Course In Miracles©  is a path of PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION through accepting ATONEMENT.  The process is to FORGIVE the world for what we thought it was and AWAKEN to what and where we are and have been forever.


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