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     The circle is the symbol of creation and eternity.  It represents the continual, uninterrupted, and total flow of God’s Love.  It passes through all my brothers and me and then back to God.  As long as I stay in the “flow,” I am one with God and all my brothers.  Creation continues as God intends, as the flow of His Love is returned to Him.

     There is no time when this creation started; no time when it stops; no time when it was ever not there.  When I place myself in the flow, I am aware of it, and conscious I have made the choice to be there.

     Whenever I remove myself from the flow and go off on one of my many ego tangents, which go nowhere to nothing, I feel unsatisfied and experience a dis-ease within my mind.  I may say, “This is not where I want to be; this is not giving me what I had expected.”  I can then ask my Holy Spirit to guide me back to the flow and once again fill me with the Love of God.

     I realize that my purpose here in the worldly experience I have chosen is to see the difference, and once again make the choice for Truth and Love.  Back in the flow, I receive the Love of God and pass it on to whichever of my brothers (God’s other children) are waiting to receive it through me.  God is the Source and Holy Spirit is the activating agent, so it is unnecessary for me to do anything except to get out of the way, and let God’s Love flow.  In this regard, then, I need do nothing except not interfere, “originate,” or decide that I know how it should be done.

     The process is for me to let go of my investment in whatever is my current adventure in the ego dream, and prefer to be back in the flow of the circle.  This is a conscious choice and requires a dedication of intention and desire on my part.

     Most of my ego diversions, whether of form or thought, are centred around my body, especially as it relates to other bodies.  This makes me “special,” “separate” and usually “superior.”  I have forgotten that God loves all His Children equally regardless of my perception of their race, form, thoughts, or actions.

     God’s plan is for me to learn my lessons of ONENESS, and then to share them with my brothers when they are ready to listen.  Such is the “plan of the teachers,” which is a holy purpose.  It is not up to me to “safeguard” God’s holy words, as Truth needs no defence.  It IS up to me to share that truth in whatever form I can see it, a bit at a time as I learn it.  Obviously, my learning will grow as I progress with subsequent changes in expression and greater “sophistication” until my mind returns again “at one” with God’s.  This will dawn on me as already being done perfectly, needing no assistance from my own perception.


     When I have heard the Call and answered It, I have become a teacher of God.  It is not necessary that I be perfect or, indeed, understand what I will teach at all.  But I have dedicated my willingness to be shown by my Holy Spirit and follow the guidance He provides.  I become a light in the darkness with that Call at my centre.  “The Call (asks) for teachers to speak for It and redeem the world…. It is because of this that the plan of the teachers was established….  Each one begins as a single light, but with the Call at its centre it is a light that cannot be limited.  And each one saves a thousand years of time as the world judges it.”  (M-3 ACIM©)

    The central theme of this teaching is always “God’s Son is guiltless, and in his innocence is his salvation.”  In the acceptance and teaching of this truth, I have found my own salvation, and the salvation of the world.

     It seems as though teaching and learning are separate functions but actually they are the same.  We teach what we need to learn.  We do not decide to be a teacher, but simply start teaching when we decide to do so.  It may not seem we have made the conscious choice, yet we teach continuously whatever it is we think we are.

     When a baby is first born, it looks up from its crib at its adoring parents and smiles.  Right then, it is teaching love.  The baby didn’t have to study to be a teacher, it remembered it WAS love and began teaching it.  But as we begin to “grow up” in our ego world, we forget our original innocence and take on the learned experience of ego.  Then we may start teaching ego instead of love.  We have forgotten what we are.  We begin to teach ourself that we are something else, other than what God created us as.

     We continue in this “hopeless and closed learning situation” until we see that it is not providing what we want.  At some point we will “hear the call” of truth.  We decide to stop, get still, ask, and listen for the guidance of our Holy Spirit to lead us back to peace and love instead of lack and fear to which our ego had led us.

     Once we begin to learn truth, we share it with others as we learn it and they ask us for it.  We don’t know it all right away.  But the little we have learned is enough.  We have become a teacher of God.  We are not perfect yet or we would not still be here.  But we have heard the Call and answered it to the best of our ability at that time.  We and our message will improve as we continue to learn more of God’s Truth and eventually merge as ONE with His.  Our mission is to learn and become perfect as we teach perfection here, each in his own way and in his own expression.  Some will learn better from one expression of the ONE TRUTH.  Some, from another expression more in line with their own understanding.  Therefore, many, many teachers are necessary to express God’s One Truth in forms that will reach all of His children.

     Once we have “seen the light” and “heard the call” we have joined our holy purpose with our brother’s and have become a teacher of God.  Eventually, everyone will hear the call and answer, but time winds wearily on in a tired world of ego dreams, and it is up to each teacher to share the love and peace he has found for himself.

     The way back to God is with and through our brothers.  Each one will appear as two minds in one.  One, that of love or spirit that God created, and the other of ego we made ourself.  Do not reinforce what ego made but rather demonstrate only spirit, which in reality is ALL we are anyway.  Refuse to witness to ego, saying, “I choose to see only the Christ in this brother, in this situation and in my Self.”  We will “see” whatever it is we believe we are.  This is how we save the world.  This is how we resurrect, and all our brothers with us.  It only takes ONE MIND perfectly self-realized; and this has already been done!  As each teacher answers the Call, a thousand years is saved, as we know time!

     The message we learn and teach is that “God’s Son is guiltless, and in his innocence is his salvation” (M1-3:5).  As we remember our original creation and what it is we really are, this Truth becomes self-evident.  Then we teach what we have learned and accepted as the truth until all our brothers have rejoined the Circle and we are back in the flow of God’s Love together.  We have found our own salvation as well as the salvation of the world.  In our rebirth the world is also reborn.

     Students have been assigned to us and are simply waiting for us to answer the Call.  Once we do so, they will begin to appear to help us complete our learning, and theirs.  WHAT you will do has already been decided and assigned.  When you decide to do it is up to you.  You can delay and suffer as long as you want.  But why?  So you think that pain is better that the Love of God?  What do you think it can get you other than that which God already supplies?  Insanity is not truth; and illusion is not reality.  It is time to get off the treadmill and back to peace and sanity.

     When the teacher is ready to teach and the student ready to learn, they have entered a holy relationship where each sees the others interests the same as his own.  He has chosen to REMEMBER, and the Holy Spirit has been invited in to be Teacher to both.

    Picture of the sea with sun rays streaming on it.


     I am the endless ocean.  I roll on and on forever unconcerned about the ten thousand navies that pass over me in vain.  They cleave my breast and pass on.  Their furrows close with no trace of their passage left at all.  They have never been; but I am endless and eternal.

     The sun shines its great rays on me in communion with the All Powerful.  It shines continuously above clouds that pass, or from the other side of the earth as it turns.  It always shines and always will.  It is as constant as God’s Love; as unfailing as Heaven.

     Time concerns not the ocean or the sun.  In ETERNITY there is no time except NOW.  Past or future lose all meaning in eternity.  The ocean rolls; the sun shines still; and I am at home and at peace in the eternal Oneness of God’s Mind.


     In our quest to remember and rejoin with the Truth that we are, it is necessary for us to establish the holy purpose and intention of that remembering, reuniting, and rebirth.

     Therefore, we must choose that as our goal and employ only the purest perfection of thought in our intention.  If we allow ourself to be sidetracked into all kinds of ego adventures and blind alleys, we will only waste time and delay our eventual arrival at our goal.

     Perfection of thought allows a preparation for the Grace of God.  The Grace of God is pure Being within a holy instant, continuously.  A profound holy instant is an experience of knowing, outside of time, space, body, and thought.  In it there IS nothing else – it simply IS.  It is like looking through a window directly in Heaven, Itself.  We don’t do it; we simply allow it to happen.

     To put ourself in the mind space to allow the holy instant to come to us, we concentrate with total intention, desire, and purpose on BEING LOVE, and extending that love without judgement, expectation, or any other sense of self.  We have totally given over our mind to the flow of God’s Grace and Love.  It moves through us, to our brothers and so back to God.  The flow is re-established as it always was.

     So perfection of thought begins with a conscious intention and centres itself in forgiveness to see only the good in all.  As we begin to selectively remember only the Thoughts of God in all we see, we begin to remember what and where we and all our brothers are and so remember God and then our Self as a vital and necessary part of the Christ.  Perfection of thought is spiritual nourishment for the soul, and your soul is that part of your mind that remembers It is still part of God’s.

     Perfection of thought causes reverence for others, removing feelings of fear, loneliness, and violence.  A quiet and peaceful attitude takes over and becomes the way for your life.  As you become accustomed to this new nature, the awareness of a Power from within makes itself known and causes insights and understandings you never felt before.  The knowledge of your true Self and purpose of your existence causes an awakening and opens the heart to a new way of Being in the light of your Godliness.  Life takes on a whole new meaning with no Fear; only Love.  You feel your wholeness and Oneness with the world and all who dwell here with you, lacking absolutely nothing and feeling fulfilled, with total contentment in your God connectedness.

     Your mind becomes clearer, and your heart is softened.  You no longer judge but allow everything to be just as it is and know it is All as it should Be.

     When all is well with you and your thought system is perfected and purified – everything is automatically changed and turned to what will benefit you and all your concerns.  It is like turning on the positive energy of everything that touches your life.  This leads to spiritual change with feelings of sureness and verification of your connection to your Divine Essence.


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