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    The Global Wakeup Call

    (Paper #0599-3)

     What we are witnessing in Kosovo, Littleton, Colorado, and all other places of conflict, chaos and disaster in our world is a call to AWAKEN from our dream and remember WHAT WE ARE.  That is our ONE PROBLEM and our ONE ANSWER.

    The Forgotten Song, the Father sings to the Son and the Son sings to the Father.We have forgotten that we are only and totally LOVE as created by LOVE out of LOVE.  "God is Love, and therefore so am I."  God had to create out of His Love, because that's all there Is.  Therefore, we ARE LOVE.  We thought to make ourself something else, which can only be an illusion, a dream, and not TRUE at all.

     While we go on ignoring REALITY, we are blocking the flow of God's Love through us, to all our brothers and back to God.  He knows something has happened as His Love is not being returned to Him fully.  So He has sent His "Heavenly Plumber" to see where the block in the flow of Love is, to repair it, and get it flowing again.  Our ego mind and all its dreams are that blockage.

     God does not know what we are "up to" in our specific dream, but He does know that the flow of His Love is not being returned to Him.

     So Holy Spirit, the presence of God's Love in our minds, comes to us to remind us of What we are.  He TRANSLATES God's pure formless Love into various forms that we can understand within the world of illusion that we have made.  Then, when we pray, Holy Spirit TRANSLATES that which is the prayer of our heart into a communication which God can understand.  As far as we are concerned, the most difficult thing we will ever to do is to SAY NO TO THE DREAM.

     So, whatever form our prayer to God takes, Holy Spirit will TRANSLATE for us.  For instance, we can pray for God to kill our enemies and Holy Spirit will translate our prayer of attack to a call for help, and pass that form of prayer to God.  God will then respond with His Love, which Holy Spirit will once again translate into some form, which we can understand in our present frame of reference.  We will always pray at whatever level we see our need to be.  We rise through the various levels of prayer until our only need is to join our love with God's, the "Forgotten Song" is once again remembered and we are "back home" in the Heaven of God's Mind where we have always been.

     CREATION is the continual flow of God's Love.  There never was a time it was not there, and there never will be.  That is Eternity and it is NOW.  There is nowhere we need to go, nor anything we need to learn.  All we have to do is re-join our SELF.

     To Wake Up, we have to give up all investment in the things we made; our world, body and specialness.  Then we will automatically be back in our real SELF as created by God.  So, it is not a matter of learning anything new but simply returning to that greater part of our SELF already happily co-creating with God in Heaven.

    God and Me in perfect oneness in Heaven. We like to think in beginnings and endings, even though God knows they are not true because everything that Is always was and will forever be.  So to explain God, Heaven and our Self, we use words and diagrams to illustrate concepts to ourself to help us understand something that cannot really be understood but only KNOWN.  The Course says, "words are but symbols of symbols, twice removed from the truth."

     Therefore we draw a circle and say That is everything That Is.  The circle encompasses all of God, Heaven and our Self as created by God "in the beginning."

     We think of God as "THE Idea of Perfect Oneness."  So God is an IDEA, not a man, a force or a thought.  That is all there is of Heaven, the Kingdom of God.  Within It we are 100% complete, perfect and eternal as created.  But a very small part of Us, perhaps only 1%, fell asleep and began to dream a dream.

     In that dream, we thought we actually separated from our SELF, GOD and HEAVEN, left and entered into our dream, our illusion.  That dream is what we are experiencing now as all of time, space, history and thought.  It never was real, but we still go on experiencing it.

     Our real Identity is as perfect Innocence in God.  We, as spirit mind, exist only in the Mind of God.  Therefore, our question is not, "Is God here with us?," but rather "Am I in God?"  The answer seems to be that 1% of all of us has "fallen asleep" and is experiencing the dream, thinking that is all there is of us.  The other 99% of each of us is still happily in Heaven going on co-creating with God.  It is NOT blasphemous to say we are God; it is arrogant to say we are NOT!

    The mind divided by ego and spirit with the chooser or decision maker at the top. We can think of our mind as being three parts.  First is our Spirit mind which is the part created by God and is eternal.  In it is the home of Holy Spirit.  He is always there patiently waiting for us to ask Him to remember the Love of God for us and remind us of What we are.  We may think we do not have a Spirit mind, ignore It, deny It or forget It, but that does not mean we have destroyed It - It is still there.  What God created cannot be destroyed and is eternal.

     When we thought we had separated, we began our ego dream of specialness, world and bodies.  Most of the time we "live" in that ego mind, forgetting all about our Spirit.  We are not human beings once in awhile getting in touch with our spirit, but rather are spiritual beings, who, for a short time have taken up a body in a world for lessons we need to learn here.  WE decided to be "here," not God.  WE chose the situation we experience with all its "lessons."  We had a perfectly good reason when we made the choice before we were "born," but now have forgotten even choosing it, let alone what the lesson was that we are trying to learn.  But Holy Spirit remembers for us and will remind us when we ask.

     Another part of our mind is our CHOOSER, sometimes called our observer mind or our decision maker.  Its purpose is only one.  It is to choose which of our two minds we will be in to think from in any given situation.  As we look at what is happening each and every time, hundreds of times per day, we can say, "How do I want to look at this, from my spirit mind or from my ego mind?"

     Our decision maker chooses which mind we will be in and we begin our perception there.  We can only be in one mind at a time.  When we hop back and forth from one to the other rapidly we experience confusion, anxiety, dis-ease and doubt.  A highly spiritual or a highly ego person will not experience this conflict, but live in the mind he has chosen.

     That is why The Course says, "My brother, choose once again."  It is always our choice and will bring us a different perception each time either spirit or ego is chosen.  But we cannot be in two minds at the same time  even if the old expression says, "I am of two minds about that."

     And so, we see that the choice is always ours, that we cannot "blame" anyone else for our situation or what seems to be happening to us in it.  We chose it for some perfectly good reason that we have now forgotten.  Ask Holy Spirit to remind you - wake up to your spirit mind - and let your changed mind put a whole new perception on your life.

     Some key thoughts we should remember are:-

    - GOD is the IDEA of perfect ONENESS.

    - HOLY SPIRIT is our TRANSLATOR; the interpreter between God and us, and between us and God.

    - SOUL is that part of our mind still connected to God, even if we have forgotten.

    - FORGIVENESS is always for ourself, correcting our perception of what we thought was so.  It is the closest we can come to LOVE in our world.  "The holiest place on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love."

    - OUR PROBLEM is that we have had a breakdown in COMMUNICATION with God.  HE is still there.  It is up to us, with Holy Spirit, to heal the separation.  We cannot do it alone; if we try, we will only go deeper into our dream.  Therefore, "I need do nothing" of my own invention, but rather let Holy Spirit lead me in what I really should be doing.

    - To REMEMBER is to re-member, or to re-join our love with God's.  The problem is separation; the solution is unity.  What we came here for was to OBSERVE THE DIFFERENCE and choose love instead of fear.  We do not "blame" ourself when we have chosen ego, but simply say, "Well, here I go again, this is what I do when I am being ego."  Notice the difference. STOP.  Then choose for Love.  But don't beat-up on yourself because that is why you came here and why you chose it.

    - I am the captain of my ship of dreams, the master of my fate.  There is no "karmic debt" unless I want it to be so.  No past life and no reason to stay on the "wheel of fate."  It is like a wheel in a squirrel cage.  We hop on and start to run.  It goes faster and faster while we try to catch up.  We can't remember it is but ourself that keeps it going.  All we have to do is decide to hop off, get very still, and listen for Holy Spirit to guide us.

    - FEAR is based on the illusion of separation.

    - LOVE is based on the ONENESS of Truth.

    - The FORGOTTEN SONG is the song that ONENESS sings to itself.


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