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    In our search for truth, the meaning of life and death, and the purpose of our being, we gradually become aware of how all these really are, and how they fit together.  For me, a simple diagram best describes them.  While linear in thought, it best expresses the circular oneness and eternal reality of it all.  I think it is essential to constantly keep this model in mind, everyday, and in every situation, to keep our minds firmly rooted in what we are and where we are always.  Since we are dealing in abstract thought and not any kind of material form that we are used to, it is sometimes difficult to grasp and then maintain the thought system necessary.  A Course In Miracles© says “This is a very simple course,” and so it is once the basic truth is seen and maintained:-

    1. GOD IS.
    2. Another name for God is TRUTH.
    3. The messenger of Truth is Love.  Truth does not move; it just IS.  Love must give of itself, extend itself, to be love.  Love is truth in motion.
    4. As God extended Himself, He created His One Son, The Christ; being all living things.  And that Creation, being Everything, is all God ever created.  All this exists as pure, abstract thought.
    5. The Spirt part of us, as created by God, is part of the One Son, the Christ.  As such we “dwell not here but in eternity”, in Heaven with Our Creator in perfect peace, and joy, eternally.  And that is LIFE.
    6. Under that experience of Heaven we can draw a “line of eternity” and say no more.  Everything above that line is real and exists; nothing can exist outside of Heaven.  Any thought of it would be an illusion, a dream, unreal and DEATH.
    7. But, in our innocence even as part of the Christ wondered the “tiny mad idea”, of what it might be like to be more special than our brother parts, and by seriously entertaining this thought, instead of simply laughing it away, we seemed to leave Heaven, descend into the void of nothing and wander aimlessly through our dream of galaxies, universes, worlds and bodies looking for our specialness.
    8. It is interesting to reflect that we began the “descent” as one, not fragmenting until we came through the “doorway” in the line of eternity.  As soon as we left Heaven, we died unto our Self and began the long series of “birth”, seeking”death”, re-assessment cycles that we now experience as our “true reality”, while viewing heaven as the illusion.  So all our thinking has become completely upside-down and backwards, as in a mirror.
    9. So “death” as we commonly view it in our dream is not the end of life.  Life “ended” when we undertook to be part of the original separation all those eons and eons ago.  So whether we “believe” (and just because we believe something doesn’t make it true - the truth is always true and our little beliefs will not change it) we “go this way but once”, or have reincarnated countless times doesn’t really alter the fact that our dream is our choice.  Each time we re—assess ourseif we can decide whether we are Perfect yet or to separate once again and undertake more “lessons” in “removing the blocks to the awareness” of the love that we are.
    10. We can decide to remember what and where we are always; that is, our Self as only Perfect Spirit and “go” to the “real world” where we can await all our brothers to do the same.  We choose whether this will take
    one instant or a million years.
    11. Once we have all joined together in that place in mind, God Himself will “take the last step” and lift us back to Heaven, where we really never left at all.
    12. As we “forgive” our brothers for what they really did not do, we see only The Christ in all our brothers and remember God.  Atonement allows us to accept the thought that the Spirit of us is part of The Son of God.  Forgiveness allows us to see that the Spirit of all our brothers is also only the holy Child of god.  Since forgiveness is selective remembering, we can choose to stay in the Spirit that God created, and let the ego that we made fade away.
    13. Through all these processes of thought, we have the help and assurance of the Holy Spirit, which God put within us to remind us what and where we are and of our “way back” through every situation and each seeming distress.  Pray for guidance in following His Plan, which is already perfect and in full operation.
    14. Whatever is happening, be AWARE.  Pay attention.  “There are no accidents” and everything that happens contains “a lesson God would have me learn.” We are all in school learning to remember Our Perfection.  Everyone is in different “grades” taking different “courses”.  So, no matter how it seems to us, each is in exactly the right place at the right time for what he needs to learn for his own ultimate best good.  This is true whether we have just won a million dollars or gotten cancer.  Even ‘though we can’t understand it, be aware and watch for the lesson.  We alter outcomes by our thoughts; the difficult part is to choose in accordance with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Help will be given.  We do not know by ourselves.  “Thy will, not mine, be done.”
    15. Our function in heaven is to create as co—creator with Our Father, God.  Our function on earth is to forgive, so that we may see what we truly are.  Our purpose here is to reawaken to the knowledge of the difference between what we thought we were and what we really are.  We say, “I thought I could be something I am not, I made a mistake, and now I make another choice, for eternity."

    A Prayer For Life

    As I become quiet and go within towards the Christ Consciousness in myself and in my brothers, may I:-
        see all of the world as needed, as it is;
        see myself and all my brothers as appropriate, just as we are; know my negative areas, without being them;
        be brave enough to know when to speak;
        be compassionate enough to know when to keep silent; all without losing my integrity or my sense of humor.
    May I remember that I am innocence out for a stroll, and that my natural state is happiness;
    and being Love, it is my natural function to extend the love that I AM.

    Knowledge is not a collection of extraneous facts and data: it is the unquestioning certainty of what you are, and where you are always.

    Soul is the heredity of Spirit experienced in the heart.

    Awareness is the difference between learning and understanding.


    A man went to visit his friend.  He found his friend in his living room with all the lights on, crawling around the floor obviously looking for something.  “What are you looking for?” he asked.  “My ring” said his friend.  “Where did you lose it?”  “In the bedroom,” his friend replied.  “But why aren’t you looking for it in there?”  To which his friend replied, “Because there isn’t any light in there.”

    So this is an example of trying to solve a problem where a problem is not.  A splitting off of a thought and pursuing it in a different area.  Obviously it can’t be solved there.

    So, it is necessary for us to correctly identify our problem; then go to the place of the cause of that problem and deal with it there.

    In our ONLY problem; that is, forgetting who and what we are, we need to keep our mind and memory firmly fixed on the fact that we truly live in Heaven as the Christ, eternally in joy with Our Creator.  We do not live (and die) in the world of form where we think we do with all its problems and rewards.  The more we associate with the forms we have made, the harder it is for us to remember and accept the TRUTH of who and what we are always and where we live forever.

    You think too small!!  Far, far, too small!!  The whole process of Awakening began the instant you thought you left The Christ in Heaven.  It was then that you died unto your Self.  Ever since then you have been in a continuing, ongoing process of awakening.  All your lifetimes; all your experiences in each of these lifetimes have been building to the realization of who and what you are.  Whenever you lost sight of that, you became confused and wandered into dark back-eddies along the current of your dream.  Nothing was lost except time as you know it- which meant it was all strengthening the certainty of what you ARE NOT.  This is a sort of “negative proving” until you can see the “light ahead,” which is the TRUTH of your Self.

    You only have ONE PROBLEM - you have forgotten what you are! You have forgotten this since the original separation, over eons of time and countless lifetimes.  You have attempted to remove isolated problems and situations out of the whole problem and attempted to solve them in that isolation.  That is true whether you have used individual lifetimes or individual situations in any particular lifetime.  You have lost sight of the over-all picture and your entire journey through the total dream.  When any reality is given to bodies or situations, you have lost sight of the goal of Heaven and have once more become lost in the littleness of the thoughts of form.  And so the world becomes filled with fragmented thoughts: - people intently bent on their own particular “busy-ness,” without apparent concern or regard for their brothers.  All scurrying to get more and more before it gets all gone; Or trembling in a corner in fear of losing whatever little they have.  They have lost sight of their Perfection and Greatness and worry only about the little form they have made.

    So, the ANSWER to what is missing is not “out there in the world,” but rather deep inside one’s Self.  It is not in the middle of your body, but in the middle of your mind.  Therefore, to find it (or more correctly to remember it again), it is necessary to still the mind, go very quietly inside, where all the answers are.  Once we finally realize Who and What we are, we will know there really is only ONE ANSWER, and it has been there all the time.  It is a process of collecting up what we left behind before.  A sort of recollecting which of course is to Recollect or to REMEMBER.


    The purpose of our journey here is to prove to ourselves that our True Reality is eternally in Heaven.

    It is an experience in Love to awaken the awareness of Truth within us.

    As we allow ourselves to extend the Love that we are, we become aware of the presence of Peace.

    As we see The Christ in our brothers and our Self, we will remember God.


    Our function in Heaven is to create.
    Our function in the world is to forgive.
    The sole responsibility (job) of the miracle
    worker is to accept the Atonement for himself.


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