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     There is much talk and attention these days on many individuals who are experiencing channelling of various entities whom they call God, Jesus, Jeshua, Brother, etc. etc.  They are all sincere minds expressing the truths that are revealed to them.  They are receiving God’s Truth and Love in an expression which they can understand because of the openness of mind, which they have allowed in the place where they currently find themselves.
     One is not “better” than another, nor necessarily “more advanced.”  They are all good.  Those of us who read them and consider one better or more profound than another are simply showing that the degree of openness we can express more nearly matches theirs.
     It must be recognized that ALL of this material comes from God.  His Love flows to us continuously and without interruption.  It is similar to us standing under a shower.  The water flows from the showerhead without ceasing.  However, when we remove ourself from its spray, it seems as though the water has stopped because we don’t feel it anymore.  But when we place ourself back under the spray, we feel it once again.
     God’s Love is the same.  He is sending it to us continuously, always has, and always will.  The decision is not ours but His.  When we are ready and willing to receive it, there it is again where it always was!
     So, the channellers have been able to open their minds to that flow.  The degree of clarity they get signifies the amount they have opened their mind to receive it.
     In the Manual of ACIM© there is a wonderful description of all this in the section called “CAN GOD BE REACHED DIRECTLY” (Pg 61/64).  The teacher of God (and that’s all of us that determined to re-unite with Truth and share that desire with others) has removed enough of his block to the flow of God’s Love and begins to hear the Song.  The more of his blocks he allows to be removed, the more and clearer he hears the Song.  So it appears one channeller is more clear than another while it simply indicates he has been able to let more go.  When we have let ALL our blocks be removed, we hear the SONG continuously and solely.
     Those that have reached this position HAVE joined with God directly with no ego interference left to blocks their joining.  The Course calls these Teachers of teachers, no longer visible, but whose “image” can be called upon to help us remember our God correction.
     There are those who have “laid the body down” (given up all investment in ego), but remain with us to help us remember, but they are “few indeed.”  We remember Jesus and others who have done this as a reminder to us of our divine heritage and destination.  They remain with us to show us THE WAY home.
     The channellers are not there yet themselves, but they can see that way home and have accepted it as their purpose.
     While we are here, we can certainly teach about God’s Love even though we have not reached it totally ourselves.  In fact, in order for others to learn from us, we have to appear to be like them so that they can readily accept the truths we have been given.  The Course says, “if you would be heard by those who suffer, you must speak their language,” so don’t worry about accepting a role for which you are not yet ready.

     Salvation is a three-step process in which we: -
    1. Behold the problem.
    2. Ask for the answer and then
    3. Accept it when it comes.
    “All the help you can accept will be provided, and not one NEED you have will not be met.”
     And so, accept the channelled material if it is useful to you, and listen not to the remaining ego of the channeller but listen to his message, which is the reflection of his truth.
     In the final analysis, all the channelled “entities” are ONE, as the flow of the Love of God is ONE, but recognized as any particular “entity” which that channeller needs to have that Truth explained to him.
     The flow of God’s Love is available to us just as soon as we are willing to let go of everything else and hear it.  In that regard, we are all “channellers” when we are ready to be one.  It is the only thing there is, just waiting for us to remember It.


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