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     To we who have diligently studied, meditated upon it, and followed the guidance provided, many of our questions are being answered.  Some of our big questions are: -
    - WHO am I?
    - WHAT is my world all about?
    - WHY do relationships, personally and globally, often seem insane and without reason, understanding and cure?
    -  WHEN will it all begin to make sense and come together so that I can see its purpose?
    Pondering these important questions, Guidance has provided a structure of Truth to help us understand.  We now know that all is a thought in mind, body/world being a form or an effect of our own initial thought.  As Edgar Cayce said, “Mind is the builder; body/world is its effect.”  Therefore, it behooves us to look at our mind, it being the CAUSE of all that follows.
     Perhaps we could express MIND in the form of a spherical pyramid such as the different states of consciousness our mind has created since the ONENESS of perfect BEING.
     In that “time of beginning” we are ONE with GOD, everyone being a part of the CHRIST, God’s One Extension.  Since God is total Love, then so is the Christ with all the Power of God to be and do anything and everything.
     That Power is not taken from us even ‘though we thought we separated from our Self as part of the Christ and God in the Heaven of God’s Mind.
     In our self imagined separated state, we thought we were something else, and that we alone were responsible for all our thoughts and actions, forgetting that what we were operating with was the Power of God still within us.  What we are doing is borrowing on the Power of God as our energy supply, our fuel, to think and do all we desire.  Therefore, even our ego and all its thoughts and actions, our body, and our world can only be there because of the God within us.  History witnesses to the misuse of our Power with all its mistaken thoughts and “achievements.”  ACIM© says you have never sinned (separated, but you have been badly mistaken).  So lets look at what we think we have made of our mind:

     We are a part of God’s consciousness living and being written.  That Consciousness expressing now as the human part of God’s Mind, which now thinks itself as separated from God’s Consciousness.  Of course, such separation is quite impossible and we are still as we were, One with God in the Consciousness of His Being.  Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven must be a state of consciousness within the Mind of God which we refer to as His Kingdom.  In it we are within Him, and He within us.  That is why it is said that the Kingdom is within us; The true US, the part of us created by God.
     As we appear to live within the pyramid of our various consciousnesses, we experience various operations.  Firstly, we believe we are really within our physical mind, living in a physical world of material things.  From here we send out our five sense messengers of hearing, seeing, feeling, taste and smell to bring us back the messages we seek to verify our physical world.  It, like our other mind worlds, has seven tiers of refinement as we move through them to our next higher mental world.
     Above the physical world of thought is our astral world of desire, emotions, and passions.  Once in it, we have left the purely physical world and can experience higher thoughts of expression such as desire, emotions, and passions giving rise to our ability to originate art, music, literature, and great expressions of more than just the physical.
     As we progress higher through the seven tiers of the astral world, we eventually reach the purely mental world of thoughts, concepts, and ideas given birth through ideals.  In these we conceive of “lofty” premises, intuitions and ways of being which we begin to realize as originating in “guidance” which seems to come from outside our own mind.
     When we have once more worked our way through seven more tiers in the mental world, we enter our innermost single room chamber, the capstone wherein wait Holy Spirit and all our other fully realized brothers.  This is a place of resting and understanding that we are and have it all, and have always been so through all our many “journeys” in our mental, astral, and physical experiences.
     As we work our way upward through the various sub-layers in each of the physical, astral and mental worlds, we at last come to the capstone which is one small chamber likened to the “real world” wherein we wait until it is time to erupt into God’s Kingdom of Joy and Oneness.  It is our job to work our way to the real world, while our “lifting up” into the Kingdom is God’s job.
     You are the Master of your pyramid, dwelling within your inner chamber, your capstone.  Your journeys through your other realms of consciousness are but what you imagine yourself to be doing, but which are all part of YOU, the Real You.  When you have satisfied yourself of WHAT you are through all your many wanderings, return to your “capstone chamber,” fully conscious of What and Where you are forever.
     The purpose, and it is a mighty purpose, of all your journeys through time, space and your various realms of consciousness has always been to prove to yourself WHAT YOU ARE.  Remember, we are not earthly humans once in awhile getting in touch with our spirit, but are spiritual beings who, for awhile, have chosen to experience an existence as a body in a world so we can observe the difference.  There is nobody to become – you already are it.  There is nowhere you need to go – you are already there.  There is no journey, no goal – you are already what God created you as and you are serenely at Home where God would have you be.
     This is no fiction.  This is no smoke-dream.  This is Truth.  This is what is Real and what Is.  We can wander in the world of illusion as long as we want until we finally choose to return to our SELF and be the Child of God which He created and which He loves.
     The “capstone” – the inner chamber is a magical place; it is the ENTRANCE to the Kingdom you thought you lost and which you have been told to REMEMBER.  Its doorway is small and private, but is as large as infinity and as permanent as eternity.  Through it you gain access into the eternal Mind of God, which is beyond price or value since there IS nothing else, and is Everything YOU are.



     As we set ourself on a spiritual path, we begin as seekers for the truth.  As our learning unfolds we begin to learn intellectually about our world, our journey and ourself.  As we discover the one truth for us we become committed to our chosen path and change from a seeker to a pilgrim.  Now we are dedicated to our ONE GOAL and no longer have any interest in side trips or teachings that lead us away from our one truth.  We may have studied them with interest and some benefit as our spiritual path of choices narrowed, but now as a pilgrim our journey becomes single minded as we see the light of our goal shining in the distance.  The other things which benefited us before are now of no interest as we selectively choose only that which will carry us to our goal as quickly and easily as possible.
     So, we choose ACIM© as our “road map” recognizing all the places we have already gone through and eagerly accepting its instruction as the most direct and time saving, carrying us onward to our goal.
     Once we have learned all we can in an intellectual way, including the metaphysics, processes of forgiveness and non-judgment we begin to unite with all our brothers as we see them only as the created Child of God, just like us.  One world becomes bright and happy as we smile our way through acceptance to happiness.
     We have now transcended our mind and are thinking with our heart.  We ask ourself WWJD – What would Jesus do, in this situation and in our body/world situation?  As his one instruction to us was “love one another,” we remember we ARE Love, created out of Love, by Love, and that we can teach only Love, for that is what we are.  We recognize that everything that happens is either love being sent or a call for love.  In either case the ONLY appropriate action and thought for us is to send love in return.  As we do, our whole world changes in perception and we live in the fullness of our heart.  It is not hard; after all love is the only part of us that is real having been given to us by God in our creation.
     So, we have let the awareness of our intellect go and have returned to the love in our heart, which we may extend as God intended as we experience the fullness of the Love of God in us and around us.  It is then only a short step from the world of illusion to the oneness and peace of the “real world.”  Our journey closes before it ever started and we are Home where God would have us be.



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