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     I need do nothing, with the accent on the “I,” signifies that I am not the one who decides what I should do or even think.
     There is a Guidance in my right mind, placed there by God in my creation, who will direct me in every detail as to what to do.  The Course calls this my Holy Spirit and we all have it.  But in order to “hear” His Voice, I have to be willing to release and let go of all my pre-conceived ideas of what everything is and my judgment of what I need to do about it.  I DO NOT KNOW.  I do not know how the Holy Spirit is planning things for everyone’s best good.  What seems to me to be tragedy and failure can be a perfect part of the master plan to get every mind back home.  EVERYTHING.  There are no accidents.  It is all being arranged by Holy Spirit.  If I try to “help,” I am only interfering.  If I try to change things, I am only taking someone (perhaps myself) away from the lesson Holy Spirit has provided.
     If we can but get our loud, insistent ego out of the way and allow Spirit’s plan to proceed, all will turn out perfectly.  Maybe this will not be apparent to us in the short term, but overall it will be understood, if we let it happen.  Our ability to hear the Voice of our Holy Spirit is just as great or little as our WILLINGNESS to do so.  The hardest part for us is simply to get out of the way and truly believe that Holy Spirit will guide us truly.  Nothing is too large or too small for Guidance.  All expressions of Love are maximal.
     We have to remember to ASK Holy Spirit to guide us.  Then we have to allow His Guidance to happen without our interference.  We may not understand It because it is not what we expect or how we would have it.  But this is just our ego trying to direct, and where has that gotten us over the last 15 million years?
     LET GO, AND LET GOD is a valid instruction and prayer.  Not easy to do, but it works.  Try small things first, then larger and larger until the result of following Guidance and seeing how it all works out proves its truth.  The synchronicity of supply for our NEEDS is quite amazing once we allow it to be done for us.  Try it and observe.



    By Patricia Marie

    Do you ever wonder about your earth-life?  Why are we here in this world of chaos?
     The world where we reside at present is not our real-home.  We decided to come into this existence because we thought we needed more lessons.
    The lifetime and body was whatever way we wanted to live.  (Male-female, rich-poor, white-black.  Whatever colour, small build- large build, lame-able bodied, pretty-not so pretty, handsome-not so handsome).  For our own reasons we made all the decisions, all the choices.  Even who our parents and family would be.
     Judging ourselves as less than perfect, we think by making return trips from the spiritual realm, we will learn and change to perfection.
     We think we must live according to the laws of karma, creating a continual merry-go-round ride.  But it’s not true, not true!
     We are the choosers – the directors – we even write the whole script for the role we play.  We’ve been playing this game of return for millions of years.  Regression proves this.
     We create a dream world of illusions continually.  Our minds are so powerful and we willingly judge ourself as less than perfect because of feelings of guilt and unworthiness – gained and regained throughout our earthly lives.
     It is time to step away from the ride – to awaken and walk the walk to the remembrance of who we truly are.  To take the straight path to the realization of whom we truly are.  We are spiritual beings who have gotten lost in the idea of karma and self-limitations.  Within each and every one of us there is a powerhouse of divine essence – the image and likeness created when we were brought forward in the expression of supernatural love, unconditionally given.
     Because of our many lifetimes, and the mistakes we have made in judgments we have condemned ourselves to walk aimlessly in this dream world-seemingly lost and alone in thought, mistakenly fearing and blaming God for everything.
    Some who are walking the earth at present, have volunteered to come here and show others how to wake up and the way back home to God.
     The way home – It’s easy to find.  The Directions are all in sequence and can be recalled and remembered if we are willing to be shown.  By relinquishing our will to become God’s Will.  Desiring change…asking help…knowing all will be done as you invite the experience of waking from this dream (or should I say nightmare?).  Have the faith it will happen…  We know we don’t die – but we have forgotten that we don’t live here either.
     Changing our minds about everything starts with our thoughts… Think perfection without judgments – in other words, clean up our “act.”  Assume the virtue of your true perfection.  Tell yourself of your true magnificence.  Ask for the feelings of unworthiness to be washed away.  Start living – the golden rule – that is truly a God Rule.  Continually invite the spiritual love to permeate your whole body – mind and soul.
     These are the things that will cause Magical feelings – wonderful openings to new experiences.  As every cell in your body becomes revitalized and energized.
     Your life will take on a new shine, and everyone around you will experience your change as well.  They will experience it because we are all joined as part of the one ness.  Brothers, sisters, - children of God, all the same family with no separation.
     Truth can only come to those who let go of fear.



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