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    When we begin to do anything, we first of all decide what our goal is and what we plan to accomplish.  This idea then becomes our purpose.  How long it takes to accomplish and how well we do it depends on how dedicated we are to its accomplishment and how diligently we pursue it.  If we are single-minded in our pursuit and give it all our thought with great energy and dedication, we head directly to our goal.  We must not allow ourself to be sidetracked into other endeavours or interests, whether our own or someone else’s.  We must become single-minded and not simple minded.  Our purpose is then paramount to us, and our goal always foremost in our mind as we head surely toward it.
     Some of us come into this world, look all around, and are completely mystified by it.  Nothing seems to make any sense.  We don’t know what we are, why we are here, or who these other people in our life really are or why they are here either.  We feel we do not fit in.  Our parents, teachers, priests, and authority figures all seem to be taking us in different directions.  We feel intimidated, victimized, lost, and cannot see any sensible purpose to our being here at all.  We try to please others, as they demand things of us.  It often becomes easier to go with the flow, not make waves, or hide in some safe place.  Perhaps we won’t be noticed and it eventually will all go away.  Thoreau said, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still still in them.”
     Occasionally we see some of our brothers who have broken out of the mould, dared to think “outside of the box” and who became great inventors, artists, authors, and philosophers.  They became great men to us and give us inspiration to follow.  Even then, it is not so much that there are such great leaders of men, but rather that most men are such great followers.  It is up to us to be bold, dare to be different, examine the possibilities, including new ideas, thoughts, and modes of expression.  It is not sufficient to live a certain way “because that’s what grandfather always did.”  This is your day, your time, and your opportunity to be great.  We all need to remember that we did not create ourself but that God, however we perceive It, created us perfect, complete, joyous, and eternal and that nothing that we can do or think can destroy or change What God created.  We are as God created us, which we now seem to have forgotten.  So our purpose here becomes one of remembering what we are, and awakening to our own truth, perfection, and original innocence.  If our goal is to remember and awaken, help has been provided us, and is always present deep within us just waiting to be ASKED to guide us.  We need not look anywhere outside ourself for our answers and salvation as everything we need has already been given us and still remains within us waiting to be re-discovered.  No place, no guru, no way of living, no form of any kind, no thought outside of our ONE TRUTH can supply our answer or give up what we seek.  You are your own guru.  Remember that guru is spelled, “Gee, you are you!”
     Before we ever came here, we wrote out our play.  We decided what part we would act out, who the other actors would be, what their parts would be, how the play would unfold, and what the conclusion would be.
     So we came to our theatre, picked up our script, and put on our costume.  We learned our lines and began to act.  However, a curious thing had happened.  Even though we had written our play and decided upon its purpose, direction and ending, we forgot WE had written it, with all the actor’s parts, its story line and it’s ending.
     Here we are so deeply into the play and acting out so well we become the character we are playing.  The story seems to be the truth about us.  We cannot remember who we really are at all.  The plot moves on with all its twists and turns.  It now seems the play is deciding what we should be and do.  It seems, the play is acting us!  All the other characters seem to be able to affect us and often make us sad or happy depending upon what they appear to be doing to us.  We forget we are simply an actor and become the part we play.
     We had also forgotten it was us who wrote, produced, and directed the play which now seems to be doing things.  Now it all seems quite hopeless and pointless.
     But we had a purpose when we wrote it and decided to act it out.  We also had a goal for ourself within it.  This was, of course, the purpose of remembering who we are and the goal of reaching that awareness.  We understood that the journey would lead us there as long us we paid attention to the lessons in remembering and reminding us what we truly are.  We recognized the opportunities of love and observation provided by those others travelling with us, the other actors in our play.  No one is there by accident and no incident is without its lesson.  All has been arranged to provide those openings to the awareness of truth and love that we seek.  It is all part of the grand plan of awakening.
     But we have forgotten what it is that we have done and the very good reason we had for doing it.  When the play is finished, we have the option of taking off our costume and going Home to be once again what we always have been.  Alternatively, we can choose another play, another costume, and another character to be.  This may happen many, many times before we totally realize what we are and decide to return to our Self as the created Child of God in Heaven, the real us.
     If our purpose is to remember and re-discover what we are in truth, then it behoves us to pay very close attention to our play.  Every detail of it, every nuance and every happening is an important lesson in our awakening for our “eventual” return Home.  All the people in our play are important to us.  After all, we wrote them into it for our own enlightenment and understanding.  There are no accidents, nobody is “doing it to us,” and everything is a lesson to be learned.  Eventually all the lessons become ONE LESSON which is to awaken and know What and Where we are and have been always.
     From our perspective of also being the audience to our play, all this may seem to take a very long time.  It may seem that we have chosen to act in many plays of reincarnation in a variety of “costumes,” all our personal characters.  And so it will be.  We can chose as many plays as we feel necessary so that we become absolutely sure What is it is we are.  We are the decider – no one else!  Likewise we are the chooser as to when we will again realize our Original Perfection and return to It.  Once we have “remembered” and realized this, why would we want to remain away from Home and our Self for one more hour, one more pain, or one more illusion?  It is TRUTH we seek without realizing we already have IT as we truly live as our Self in the Heaven of God’s Mind as His loving extension of Himself, The Christ.
     So how is your play, your dream, and your illusion?  Do you realize it was but you that chose it and that you had a grand purpose when you chose it?  Have you accomplished your purpose?  Have you reached your goal and now realize completely What and Where you are forever?  Many people down through time have reached this “place” in mind but made the decision to remain within or near this world to share the love that they know they are and so help all their brothers awaken to the truth of who they really are also.  We meet them sometimes when we allow ourself to join our love with theirs, and read of them often in various spiritual and sacred writings given to our world.
     You had an image of what might be and you brought it into your dream with you.  That is imagination as you bring your image in.  It is no more real than the smoke you made it out of and no more true.  But neither is it less, and is there for your attention.  Act out your play.  Always pay close attention to your messages.  They are there to tell you what you are.
     Don’t be misled by your ego into thinking you have another purpose here.  It is but a lie to delay you and keep you here.  Many paths can be chosen with many diversions along the way.  There are always many “lost ones” who want you to stay and play.  Delay is not fatal, but does seem a waste of time to those of us in time when there is something important to be done.  Abandon obsessive destruction and return to the purpose of the journey, the job at hand.
     J. Krishnamurti was once asked for his judgement on the importance of sex in life.  He exasperatedly replied, “Either do it or don’t do it – but get on with it.”  He knew our purpose here and was teaching us not to waste time and energy in the useless pursuit of obsessions that would lead us further away from truth rather than back toward it.  He did not mean there was anything “wrong” with what we do here.  We can amass sums of money, collect stamps, build castles, and write books.  All these things are neutral in themselves.  Their importance lies in the purpose we give to them.  If we use them to extend the love that we are, we use them truly.  If we use them for ego gratification, we simply bind ourself to time.  So it is not sex, money, accumulation of worldly possessions or thoughts we have which become the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, but the way we use these things – their purpose for us.  If we used them to bargain or to control others we become blocked and locked in time.  If we use them to share the love we are as God would have us do, we as using them in accord with His Holy Purpose.  Neither is it beneficial for us to deny or repress these important issues in our play, but rather to look at them intently and honestly and discover, with Holy Spirits’ help, what they mean for us.  All is love, and if that is what we see, we can be sure we are on the right track in our journey here.  Anything we allow to delay us is not serving us.  We have then given up our power to these false idols mistakenly viewed as our goals.  They are usually centred on our body and the glorification or destruction of it.  We made our body, put it in our play, and now think we ARE it.
     It is necessary for us to remember that we are not a human being, a body which once in awhile gets in touch with its spirit, but rather that we are spirit which for a short while has taken up a body as our costume to act out experiences here in our play which can lead us to remembering.
     Play the play.  Act out your part to the best of your ability.  Remember you chose it for the lessons it contains.  Know that all the other actors in the play with you are your greatest examples and teachers.  Thank them for being there and acting out their parts so well!  Remember, they are acting out their play as well, so need to be doing exactly what they are.  They still need you in their play so smile and say, “Certainly, I will be in your play to be what you need me to be.”
     It’s all an illusion so nothing nor anyone can REALLY hurt you because the part you are acting out and the costume you wear is not the REAL you anyway.  You are not a body; you are free, for you are still as God created you.
     Know you have a Stage Director within you Who will guide you in your play so that you can stay true to your purpose.  He waits in the wings continuously waiting for you to ask for prompting.  Just ask – He will direct.  When you forget your lines – when you forget your next scene – just ASK.  That is His job and He is always there FOR you.  It is impossible to make a mistake if you totally depend on His guidance.
     And so, our purpose is realized and our goal is in sight.  Act purposefully, with great courage and honesty in the certain knowledge that you cannot fail in such a holy purpose set for you from a time before time was.  Your destiny is the Will of God, which is your will also, and such cannot NOT be accomplished if God has willed it.



    By Patricia Marie

     As children of the universe we have within us and around us life energy.  This energy is magnetized to attract likeness.  Positive which is Godly and loving or negative, which is not and creates fear.  Our thought system is the regulator of which direction our feelings will take us and what will be manifested into our earthly lives.  We are the generators – our mind is the spark, which will create the completed circuit; we are the force but God is our source.  There are two thought systems in our consciousness.  One is of the ego and one is of spirit.
     Ego can always be identified by feelings of fear - discontent, discomfort, dis-ease of any sort.  The spiritual thought system is one where we feel love, joy, peace, contentment, and comfort.  Ego is selfishness – spirit is selflessness.
     Our minds we have polluted with anger and hatred, and thoughts of war and vengeance.  We have made this world almost uninhabitable for the human species because of situations of the environment, which have been manifested by us upon the world.  (Pollution of the Air & Water – the very earth needed to grow our food is polluted as well.)  These things are needed for our survival.  Therefore, because the situation as is is critical, the part deeply imbedded in our psyche has been called forward to take hold within us and create change, this change must be spiritual if we are to survive.
     Through the spiritual acceleration of our thought system to a higher consciousness we create perfection of thought.  This thought system, being the most powerful because of its divine essence, creates love and erases all fear from our life.  The positive nature in man comes forward leaving the negative nature behind.
     When we have shown willingness to bring about this change we very definitely begin a new journey to awareness and open ourselves to divine guidance and divine experiences.  We become very cognizant of the fact we are multi-sensory and highly developed beings, when opened to truth and the knowledge of the universe.
     Through meditation and perfecting of our thoughts we can accomplish so much because we bring to mind the remembrance of our divine self within.  The awareness of a connectedness to all that is becomes evident and we begin to care more about others and everything around us.
     We become more loving, sharing and compassionate and this becomes our way of life.  Our minds become refocused and we experience more peace, joy, and comfort, both inside and out.  As our demeanour changes, others experience our change due to our connection to each other and we can then influence them in their changing process as well.
     The changeover process has begun and we experience the process every single day in one way or another, a nudge from within to pay attention and awaken to truth.  You can shine your light for others to see and experience as we come to the realization and acceptance of our true essence, for we are a spark of the divine, we are a part of God’s expression of himself.  To experience love with this remembrance, we begin to act accordingly to bring about the change called for in the universal call to everyone, and we answer.
     We are all, each one of us, part of the oneness – equals – complete and without question.  We must love and respect one another and develop a reverence in our life for everyone.  That is the way.
     There is a life within air – water – earth all the essential elements that sustain us in bodies.  When the pollution occurs the mechanism for change is accelerated in the elements as well.  The negative effects of the pollution of these elements has begun the acceleration of each element to purify itself and has created a movement to make the elements equal to perfection once again.  We experience this by the many catastrophes as the earth shifts and changes all over the world.  These are man-made occurrences brought about by our complete disregard for the earth garden as it was in the beginning – unpolluted and very beautiful and able to sustain all manner of life form, human and otherwise.
     We are all programmed.  Everything was programmed from the very beginning to be able to renew, cleanse, and purify itself, when conditions become extreme, and go beyond what is safe and sure for the existence of life.  Being aware of this makes for an understanding of what is happening and what is to come for us; A new life – a new awareness – spiritual enlightenment for all who have made themselves ready.  Living in a world renewed and blessed with unconditional love.
     There is no ending of the world but a complete mind change in a world changed for the better, a Shangri La.  We must make ourselves ready by bringing our mind to spiritual remembrance as children of God, experiencing the divine essence of ourselves which is brought forward and living in that understanding with love, joy and peace.


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