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    GOD’S SON IS ONE! To see any separation, division or specialness at all is to try to give meaning to the insanity of the dream. That is, of course, impossible since what God created as ONE cannot be otherwise.
    Since, ft is the THOUGHT of body, world, opinion and belief that appears to be our problem, it is our mind that has to correct it. We have simply thought that we successfully and willfully separated ourself from the Heaven of God’s Mind and established our kingdom in Its place. It is not so. It is simply a mistaken choice. A lie. What God created as ONE, no man can put asunder
    So here we are in the dream we have made and think is so real. We have decided what we are, and based on that faulty assumption, now even tell God What He Is. But God simply smiles and says, “Take all the time you need, My Child and do what you think you need to do to prove to yourself What you really Are. Then, when you are quite certain, return to Me and continue with your Creations as I have directed you.”
    So we choose and choose again and again while we still believe there is some small hope of finding truth within our tiny existence. Some choose pain, some pleasure; some “plenty of nothing,” some despair, hopelessness, anxiety and depression. What ridiculous choices for a Child of God that is already perfect, complete, eternal and joyous beyond measure.
    Recently it was announced by Mental Health of Nova Scotia that they were going to hold workshops on depression and anxiety. Apparently they are going to look all over the dream we are in for solutions and answers to people’s problems. How ridiculous! There ARE NO ANSWERS there, and never will be. So where should we go for help? INWARD. INDIVIDUALLY INWARD. What Help is there for us? Holy Spirit Who knows all things is there waiting in infinite patience and love for us to ASK. The answer to all depression and anxiety is already within us. We must stop looking to eternals, get still and go inward where the answers are.
    So it boils down to our own choice. Do we want the answer or do we want more of the problem? A Child of God who truly knows what he is could never again be centered in depression or anxiety. But first he has to realize he IS a Child of God and What that means. In that recognition is all of HEALING. It is there and nowhere else.
    The healing of God’s Son (us) is what we are all here for. Regardless of why we came, this is now our goal and the aim of all our living and our lessons.

    There is no foe I need to fight
    There is no wrong I need to right
    There is no world for me to see
    There is only my Self for me to BE.


    After our self-perceived separation, we decided we needed a place to experience our specialness and newfound “liberation.”  We looked around and saw there was nothing to build our own ego world.  So we “borrowed” some of God’s power already in us to supply the fuel to build our dream.  God knew not of the content of our dream and was not concerned because He knew it was something we had to experience to teach ourselves there WAS nothing else real outside of the Heaven of His Mind, which is our true Home.

      And so our dream went on and on to bigger and more complicated illusions of separation.  Of course, God had provided Holy Spirit to go with us on our journey to guide us when we get quiet and have the willingness to let Him show us the way.  We are admonished to step gently aside and let healing be done for us.  While we use our ego mind to “fix” a problem, it will never happen.

       Miracles are God’s answer to our ego madness.  Miracles are in the flow of God’s Love to you.  You have allowed them to be done through you whether you remember or not.  For this to happen, there must be something in you that allows it to happen.  And this part of you we call spirit mind, the part of you which God created, and, in fact, is the only part of you that is real.

        When you have allowed Holy Spirit to guide a miracle through you and you have joined with another spirit mind, sharing one idea equally, you have established the first link in the awareness of the Sonship.  This becomes the answer to the separation as God’s son joins back together as ONE.  So:-
    1.    We supply the willingness.
    2.    Holy Spirit supplies the arranging.
    3.    We usually don’t recognize the miracle has happened until later when we see its results.
    Honour the truth given you and be glad you do not understand it or you would once again attempt to usurp God as Creator.  In this, God has called to you, and you will never again be wholly willing not to listen.

    This is a New Year of joy in which your listening will increase.  This year determine not to deny what has been given you by God, for that is the only reason He has called to you.  Let us resolve together to accept the joyful tidings that disaster is not real and that reality is not disaster.  You have been given mighty ideas which themselves prove the miracle to you.  These ideas are forces to be used and not held by.  This year, invest in truth and let it work in peace.  Have faith in Him who has faith in you.  God knows what you are, even if you have forgotten.  Listen to His Voice now and hear the difference.  You are what you have always been.  Nothing can destroy what God has created Perfect.  Listen and know.

    Mind of God - All that Is

    Minds 3 and 4 are sometimes referred to as the “unobstructed universe” because they are unhampered by earth-plane conscious.  They are the home of our Place of Self-Assessment, which we return to each time between incarnations to evaluate whether we need to return to Earth Consciousness for more lessons in awakening.

    They are also “places in mind” where we can rest a while as we decide our future experiences.  Here also are all the multitude of guides and angels, who have decided to remain in the dream world to help us find our way.  As well there are a great many discarnate souls who still don’t remember what they are and do not know which way to go.

    As far as learning, or more properly, REMEMBERING is concerned, it is more easily accomplished in our earth-plane “obstructed universe” because here we have all our examples, relationships, and opportunities to join with our brothers as we begin to see only the Child of God in them, letting our ego perceptions go.  Here we have the opportunity to observe and choose for either ego specialness or the Oneness of God.  That is why we are here – to observe and make the choice for love instead of fear.

    Through all of this we can be guided by Holy Spirit or any of His host of helpers, which we see as spirit guides and angels, when we allow it to happen.  We can’t do it ourself so we have to remember to ASK.  Holy Spirit won’t do the work for us, we have to do that, but He will provide the guidance when we are ready for another step in our process of awakening to the truth of what and where we truly are, eternally.

    In our dream, as we descended from Heaven, we left parts of our min in each place.  They are all our mind and go on simultaneously continually.  That is why we can leave our conscious mind and go to be in one of our other minds whenever we choose.  This faculty is demonstrated to us when we dream at night, are hypnotized, under anaesthetic or in deep meditation.  Whatever the vehicle, our mind can and does travel.   Sometimes our visits to the “unobstructed universe” of minds 3 or 4 is termed “astral travel” and will benefit us with increased awareness upon our “return” to our conscious mind.  Once we leave our world consciousness, we leave all sense of time, place and physical materiality behind, so there is not effort required of our physical self at all.  Holy Spirit and our guides are waiting in infinite patience for us to ASK, and nothing else will make them happier than to help.

    Eventually we will come to the realization that God was right; we had it all as the Christ in the Heaven of God’s Mind.  We will decide we have had enough “lessons,” we don’t need any more because we finally, finally realize we are the created Child of God and our only desire is to return Home.

    As we begin to question our conscious ego-world, we start as a SEEKER.  We investigate many possible paths of thought and experience.  We consider what others have shown before us, listen to those who desire to share their “truths”; experience rituals and beliefs others have designed and offer to us as “the only way to salvation.”  When we have tried it all and found that none of it works for us, we abandon it all, sit down, get very still, and listen.  Once we have selected our one true path to Home, we give up being a “seeker” and become a PILGRIM.  Our path is chosen, our direction sure and our Teacher is Holy Spirit, who directed Jesus to write his book as our guide.  Jesus’ admonishment was, “Sell all and follow me.”  He shows us the Way and his words mean for us to give up all the un-truths and idols we have valued, for the truth of Heaven and the Love of God.  The Way is not long because we never really left Heaven.  It is very different than the paths we have been following where we thought our treasure and our happiness lay.  What Joy when we awaken from our dream and find ourself Home in Heaven with God and all our “brothers.”


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