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    What does reality mean to you?  Most people would say it is centered around their body, its necessities, pleasures and pains, as well all the systems it takes to support their "life standards" as they believe in them.  Important assets are family, job, home, vehicles, status, security and respect.  We all work very hard at acquiring and maintaining these systems, and protect them against any perceived attack or loss.

    One certainly cannot argue that we are not all "here", moving about, doing all these things, and that all of them are important to us while we are here.  But even the most elementary thought will prove to us that it will not always be thus for us.  In fact, the only thing we can really count on is change, the only constant in this world.  So, our natural tendency is to hurry faster and faster to get more and more before it gets all gone.  As the poet says:

    "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
    Old Time is still a flying;
    And this same flower that smiles today,
    Tomorrow will be dying."

    - Robert Herrick (1648)

    And so it seems in this world of form and time and space.  But wait!  There is another way of seeing.


    Long, long ago, before time and space was, another part of You was formed from Spirit, of Spirit and as such, that part of You is Spirit.  You did not make it, you cannot alter.  or destroy it, and it is eternal.  All you need do is rediscover it, and be in it, the real You.  That other You, was, and is, very much larger than the little you in your mirror and in fact, is part of an infinite You together with all its other parts, known collectively as The Christ.  It is part of this that you are, together with everyone else.  In this sense then, everyone is part of the whole, part of each other and entirely holy.

    Therefore, the process of rediscovery and remembering is to see only that holiness of Spirit in each one of your brothers and yourself and join back together again into our real state of Spirit.  To that end our search and dedication is directed to find "the better way" to the Great Awakening.



    A Course In Miracles© has been described as an individual process of Self-realization through spiritual awareness.  It is also defined as a combination of eastern philosophy, modern psychology, and Christian terminology (since that is what a lot of us are schooled in).  While certainly not the only path to rediscovering one's Self, the Course does guarantee to save time, "hundreds perhaps thousands of years” in the dream we have made for our lives.  It is a course in remembering or waking up to our "True Self".  Our problem is that we have "forgotten” what we are.  Our "separation" happened so long ago that we have lost touch with true reality and believe the situation we now find ourselves in to be the real one.  As we study the Course, we begin to realize who, what and where we are, and what our real relationship is to others around us.  It is therefore a matter of seeing the “history and process” involved on our intellectual level, and then putting that awareness into practical use in the experiential side of living our daily lives. The latter seems harder and longer, but as with any study and practice, becomes easier as we experience and live it.

    Spiritually, we are the expression of the Love of God.  We are Love.  Whatever else we think we are, we have made ourselves.  A Course In Miracles© is then, lessons in recognizing what our blocks to love are, how to deal with our blocks and how to realize ourselves and all our brothers as only the holy, innocent Child of God.

    On Drawing the Line"

    In my view, the precepts of A Course In Miracles© are much easier to follow, understand and accept if two basic realities are kept in mind.  The first is true reality, level one, Heaven, where God and Christ abide.  While on one hand we realize that this concept is one purely of thought in mind, and that God being limitless is "everywhere", "all the time".  It is possibly easier to illustrate in a diagram showing separation, since most of the time we believe it exists.  A continuing "line" of eternity separates this true reality from the false reality we believe we live in.  We picture a "doorway" in this line through which we think we left our true reality for our false reality, our world of "nothing".  The Course explains that we believe that "nothing", both as a place and as a state of being, is everything.  However, the Holy Spirit, has traveled with us on our journeys "below the line", is with us to guide us and remind us of who we truly are, and where we truly belong. When we choose to see that “nothing” is nothing and that the Truth of God is everything, is up to us.  This realization may only take an "instant", or thousands of years depending upon when we want to “see it differently” and accept the Truth of God as our true reality.

    Line of Heaven with Truth above and Nothing below.


    The World of Illusions

    The illusion of the outer ego you and the inner Christ self.

    1.    The Goal - is for us to remember who we truly are and in so doing join back again with God and heaven.
    2.    The Process - is:
            1. To become still within our ego bodies and our world of illusions.
            2. Then to turn our eyes inward and see our true Self, the Christ within us.  As this is virtually impossible to do alone, we must ask the help of
            3. the Holy Spirit (who has been there with us all the while and remembers for us) to shine his light on our minds.
            4. In His light of forgiveness, we see the innocent Child of God, as created by God, who we really are.
            5. Then with the holy eyes of the Christ in us, we see past our ego bodies and through the world of illusions, which we made, right through into the Christ Self within our brothers.  It is then we realize the true innocence, beauty and purity that they and we are.  Through FORGIVENESS of what we thought was real, we are home in God together.


     The part of us that was created by God is God’s.  We can ignore it or deny it but we can never lose it or destroy it.  When we choose to remember this and put all our effort into joining with God’s Purpose for us, we will be aware of all of God’s Will and Power.  We will then have aligned our Self with God’s Will, which becomes our will as well.  We then have all the power of God and nothing is beyond our accomplishment.  We become God’s Purpose here in earth and give witness by our example of Heaven here and now.

    We may see a problem in acting out all the power and divinity given us, but it is God’s Purpose for us to join Him in It as we accept for ourself What we are.

     We maintain humility by remembering WE DID NOT CREATE OURSELF.  Not the body or the world, both of which we made, but that spirit mind which was created by God.  God’s promise is that he will always love us, stand by us, and take us Home when we are ready.  In the “meantime,” He will not interfere in our re-discovery of our true self, but waits in infinite patience for us to join Him in His Purpose, which in truth is our’s as well.

     Our glory is that we already are that part of God.  In it’s acknowledgement, we praise God.  To deny ourself as God’s son is not humility but arrogance.  Every time we see ourself as a “sinner,” we are blaspheming against God and telling Him we are not what He created us as.  As we live in His Light and Will, we are singing our hymn of praise; and the way I live becomes the way I pray.

     We have lived “so long” in our separate consciousness that it is very hard for us to remember we are one with God, and still are what we always were.  God withholds nothing.  He gives all things that are real and simply extends them, to us, waiting for us to take them from His hand.

     We do not have to know how to do this, or do it ourself.  If we try from our own conscious mind, we will only destroy God’s perfect order once again.  Therefore, it IS necessary that we ASK Holy Spirit to guide us in what to do and think, then get out of the way, and listen for his guidance.  He speaks very quietly so we must be in quiet and listen very carefully.  We will be told surely and clearly in a language we can love and understand when we do not interfere.

     This asking, listening, and hearing requires our intention, desire, and willingness above all else.  We already have the ability and power within us to do whatever we are told.  Our encoded creative process will be “turned on” and we will once again be in the Flow of God’s Love and Purpose.  Such is His Promise, His Will and our purpose.



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