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    A Dream Journey

    (Paper #0691-2)

    Since long, long ago and far, far away there is a kingdom called Truth,  ruled over by a very wise, kind and loving King.  He is all-powerful and is, and has everything in his Kingdom, so is absolutely and completely happy and joyous forever.  He does not need to defend it because there IS nothing else.

    In His Love, (which has to be given away to be love) He wants to share His Kingdom.  So the wise, all powerful King extends His Love and creates a Child He calls the Son to share His Kingdom and be His companion and co-creator, forever.  Since the Son is created out of the Father, he has the same qualities and attributes as the Father of innocence, completeness and perfection.  That situation is “life” and goes on happily, totally, forever.

    Then one day the Son fell asleep and began to dream a dream.  In his dream he wondered what it would be like to be more than perfect and have more than everything.  We can see it was a silly dream, quite impossible and un-Real!  The King, the Son's Father, realized the Son was having a dream as he was tossing and turning and obviously disturbed.  The Father did not know what the dream was about but knowing the Son was traveling in a dream, created another part of Himself called Spirit and placed it in the mind of the sleeping Son to go with him wherever he went to always remind the Son what he was and where he really was forever.  The Father was not concerned about the Son's dream, since he knew Spirit would show the way Home to the Son, when he was ready to wake up.

    The Son's dream persisted, and so in curiosity he began his innocent adventure.  Then he met another on the road, who he called “ego” and asked to be his “friend” and travel with him.  But ego had other ideas and soon started to show the Son diversions and other playthings.  Gradually, ego convinced the Son that he was something else, and not the Child of his loving Father, the All That Is.

    The Son had fun playing among the stars and seeing all kinds of new things the ego showed him.  But eventually he was lonely for his Father and also for Himself, still asleep in his Father's Kingdom.  Ego did not want to let the son go and said, “So you're lonely for your Father, the King, and your beautiful Home?  Well, here, I've got another mighty and powerful Father for you.  If you are good and do all the things He and I tell you to do, he will do great and wonderful things for you.  Of course, the down-side is if you disobey, He will get you and punish you."

    The Son listened and accepted the new Father.  But then he was afraid as well as still feeling lonely.  He told ego about this and ego said, "You're right!  The very best thing you can do is run fast and hide somewhere where the Father can't possibly find you and punish you.”  So the Son and ego began to run.  Faster and faster and deeper and deeper into the dream until the Son didn't remember what he really was or where he really was at all.  He had forgotten and thought the dream was real.  It now felt like the dream was dreaming him.  So he made a world with sky and trees and land and oceans.  That was still not enough, so he made a body and climbed inside.  Now he thought he would be safe.  An angry Father would never find him there.

    Now, the Son noticed that in his hurry to hide, he had split himself into countless pieces which also went into bodies, just like him.  The Son felt very guilty about forgetting his true Father and knew something was wrong.  So he began to blame all his brother parts for his troubles.  Ego loved all this as now he had many, many playmates to do what he wanted.  All the brother parts ran madly about, blaming each other and trying to take from one another what they thought would make them happy again and complete.  Ego clapped his hands in glee and really enjoyed the spectacle of confusion.  He wanted it to last forever.

    And so it would have except that Spirit was still in the mind of the sleeping Son and began to call to him to awaken from the dream.  The Son sometimes listened to Spirit and sometimes to ego, so the awakening became very long and painful.  Sometimes the Son would run out of body and have to go get a new one so he could continue awakening.  Sometimes he forgot what he had almost learned before, and had to do it again.  It all took a very, very long time and was very, very painful.  Every time the Son thought he saw beauty, happiness and peace it ended up in another dead-end road.  Spirit knew the way back and told the Son a bit at a time, when He was asked.

    Eventually the Son said to another Son (another fragmented part of himself), "There has to be a better way of living than this world of pain and death we are in, and I am determined to find it!”  And so the son had come to a turning point and made the decision to look for his own Truth.

    Then began a long road of learning lessons about Truth, Himself and his brothers.  Every time he joined with them, he got closer to the Truth of what he was.  Every time he fought with them or used them for his own purposes, he got further away.  He found that all things that happened were lessons he could learn from and in that learning with his brothers, he began to remember what he really was.  Whenever he listened to the guidance of Spirit, things went well.  When he listened to ego they got rough again.  So the Son had the choice of which he was going to listen to.  The Son began to realize he was on a journey through his dream towards the Truth of what he really was.  He also realized that the time when he decided to listen was up to him.  He knew that he could choose to stay in his nightmare dream or begin to awaken because the choice was in him and not in anything else in his dream world.

    After learning the difference between Truth and the dream, the road he was on abruptly stopped.  The Son noticed there was a branching of the road and he had to turn one of two ways.  One way led him back into the rough part of his dream again.  The other turn led towards Home and Truth.  He chose for Truth.  His journey was not yet over, but he could see a Happy Dream where he could rest in peace and wait for all his brothers to arrive also.

    When they are all there together, the Father reaches down Himself and lifts them all back to the Kingdom, and Home, where they really never left at all, because it was all a dream.

    And the Son was happy, and complete because he woke up from his dream and knew what and where he is and has been forever.

    And the Son and his Father live happily forever and ever in their Beautiful Kingdom.


    Learn only this: -
    We think we are earthly beings, sometimes
    experiencing Spirit, when
    We are in reality Spirit which, for a time,
    has taken up an earthly experience for
    lessons we need to learn.
    We cannot now remember having made the choice,
    or the lesson we selected.
    Ask the One Who knows - and BE AWARE.
    We got it backwards.


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