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    Life’s Lessons

    I learn, as the years roll onward
    And leave the past behind,
    That much I had counted sorrow
    But proves that God is kind;
    That many a flower I had longed for
    Had hidden a thorn of pain,
    And many a rugged bypath
    Led to fields of ripened grain.
    The sweetest rest is at even,
    After a wearisome day,
    When the heavy burden of labor
    Has borne from our hearts away;
    And those who have never known sorrow
    Can not know the infinite peace
    That falls on the troubled spirit
    When it sees at least release.
    That clouds that cover the sunshine
    They can not banish the sun;
    And the earth shines out the brighter
    When the weary rain is done.
    We must stand in the deepest shadow
    To see the clearest light;
    And often through wrong’s own darkness
    Comes the very strength of light.
    We must live through the dreary winter
    If we would value the spring;
    And the woods must be cold and silent
    Before the robins sing.
    The flowers must be buried in darkness
    Before they can bud and bloom,
    And the sweetest, warmest sunshine
    Comes after the storm and gloom.
      - Unknown


    As our process of awakening becomes the way we go back Home through our chosen adventure, we have joined hands with Holy Spirit.  His Guidance leads us through our resurrection, our salvation.  Progressive stages along the way of opening to SELF are:-


    We begin to raise our frequency of vibration from form (matter) through Light to Thought.  This requires a relinquishment of judgement and attack (anger) within our illusion so that the process may begin.  We do not know what anything here is for any longer, but can accept the fact that there are no accidents, and that everything contains a lesson to be learned.  If we have the WILLINGNESS to let go of judgement and anger, see the lesson and learn from it, we proceed onwards.

     One block to our allowance of healing is holding onto negative words and thoughts.  Words like: hope, seek, try, believe, someday, little, meek, unworthy, fear, anxious, jealous, envy, think, indicate that we have forgotten our true Identity and given away our power.  We don't need to hope or try to be or do something, we already ARE everything.  Society tells us we are little, unworthy and incapable because it wants us to be in misery like itself.  If we dare show the beauty, love, and perfection we are, society will ignore, attack, hate or kill us.  How dare we show we are something more?  God is joy experiencing Itself.  If we dare show our true inner joy, the world will despise us as it sees itself as infinitely less than us.  It happened to Jesus and many others who meant only to bring love to a world living in fear, judgement and survival.  The dead are those who fear to BE the holy Child of God they are.

     When we can't love ourself BEING, we have to busy ourself "doing."  When we begin to love our Self, we move out of our body and go into the infinite limitlessness of our mind.  This movement can only be accomplished by total intention and desire.  Divided, we become stuck in our ego world with occasional visits to our spirit mind.  We must become SELF-ish and think of ourself only that way.  Prayers and affirmations ASKING Holy Spirit for guidance adds the power of the spoken word to our intention.  Prayers need not be long and wordy.  The greatest prayer ever asked is, "HELP!". We do not have to define what or how that help should be.  We do not know.  If we think we did such a great job praying over all the centuries, how come we are still in a mess now?  Give decision over to Holy Spirit, be still, and KNOW it is being handled perfectly for everyone's best good.  It is a tremendous relief to know that we no longer have to run the world.

     As we go inward and discover our SELF, we transcend judgement, illusion and fear.  We are on the path of joy toward our original Innocence and Oneness.  We know we are on our way when we feel the E-Motion of love with and through our brothers, going into that Oneness beyond description or intellectual understanding.  Sometimes we feel a bit light-headed or dizzy as our frequency vibration increases.  Sensations of kundalini rising or a "lifting up" may be experienced as we go from denser matter toward light.  Attachment to our former ego world and thoughts lessens as we feel another way of being in the higher vibrations.  Our world and body take on a new concept of being vehicles carrying us toward the greatness of our right mind.  That changed mind then alters our perception of our world to a new beauty and purpose perhaps never before realized.  We become that which we are in the completeness of creation.  We are nowhere and everywhere in the Oneness of All-That-Is.
     Knocking on the door of Eternity is to say, "I KNOW what I AM."  Early in my spiritual seeking, I had a startling realization as a pure intuition out of nowhere, saying, "I KNOW what I am looking for - It is myself!"  That was the turning point that allowed me to proceed to my branching of the road and say, "I KNOW what I AM."  No more going back now.  I knew I could make the turn for Home, and did it.  The opening path of the Pilgrim still was long and often arduous, but at last "I KNEW what I WAS," and that made all the difference.  I knew I was a created Child of God and could be in It as much as I chose to be.

     The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement.  When we see without judgement, we see God in everything.  It is simply a matter of letting everything and everybody be what they need to be to become aware of their own True Self and Completeness.  Know they are doing and being exactly what they need to learn of their BEING.  To attempt to change a person's lesson is to remove it from them.  They will only have to return and do it again later.  It is not appropriate to postpone the pain, but only to love the person totally in their lesson.

     When you condemn another, look first inward.  If there was not some aspect of that same situation within yourself, you would not have been upset by your brother's appearance.  His situation is necessary to him or he wouldn't be doing it.  We do not have to usurp the Holy Spirit's job and do it for Him.  Such is forgiveness of what we thought we saw, and release of our judgement of it.  When our judgement and need to correct leave, room is made in our mind for the love to flood in, turning our perception of the entire situation around.  The love comes easily because we have had an infinite amount stored within us forever.  We just forgot.

     When we are in a complete state of love, there is only the BEINGNESS of life and the ongoingness of the eternal NOW.  The PEACE of allowing all things to be, floods in and we smile in the knowingness of just BEING.  In that BEING we already have and are everything.  We know that all our needs will be met by our inner God-Power as directed by Holy Spirit without our ego mind having to direct us.  We have entered the channel of our spirit mind and live in its Light.

     That is the process.  That is what we do.  How do we begin?  How do we do it?  By beginning to forgive ourself for what we had thought of the situation and person right in front of us, right NOW!  One at a time - one little step after the other.  We can say, "Just this once I will forgive."  Then let it go.  Hold onto no judgement of situation or outcome.  Then the next situation and the next as they gently arise to our perception.  Such is the walk back.  That is how we do it.  We know we have CHOSEN love instead of fear, and that Holy Spirit is guiding us.  The miracle of forgiveness has arrived as we pass it on to our brother, and see the Truth in him shine before us.



     Revelation, Grace and the Holy Instant are given to us by God.  Their realization for us of experience, awareness and knowingness are what take us back to God, our Self as the Christ and Heaven.

     Revelation is NOT a message from God to us about how to live better in our world.  That is left up to Holy Spirit, our guides and the angels.  There are NO angels in Heaven, because all is ONE there, and there is nothing needed outside that Oneness.  Revelation is always present.  It dawns on us when we have opened our mind sufficiently to receive it.

     In our path of awakening to God, we have the experience of the Holy Instant, then the awareness of Grace which is like a continuous holy instant, and finally the knowingness of Revelation.  In that knowingness, we know we are ONE IN GOD.  We don't learn it, we can't learn it, we don't even experience it; we simply, totally, and completely KNOW it.  It is the final acceptance of the FAITH we have had that we are part of the Christ, ONE with God.  Faith is what we KNOW beyond any doubt without any proof needed.  Belief is what we think we know, and maintain as our own.  It may be true or false.  We will defend it because we made it.  The TRUTH OF GOD always was and IS.  Belief can not alter TRUTH.  Only the TRUTH is TRUE.  It needs no support nor opinion.  It simply IS.

     In the acceptance of TRUTH, we realize that there never was anything to BE healed.  We always were and are the holy Child of God as the Christ in Heaven.  Our journey, all of time and history, our world, our bodies and our dream were over before they ever happened.  It was a fleeting thought in our sleeping mind of one of the Sons of God, over without effect.  We who are that thought are watching its re-play over and over in every possible combination of events because it is our choice to do so.  When we are satisfied or tired of it all, we can be aware of the Holy Instant, Grace and Revelation, waking up to our Self as the Christ in Heaven.

     Grace is a state of mind just beyond the goal of "A Course In Miracles©," but just below the knowingness of Revelation.  The Holy Instant, Grace and Revelation can not come to us until we have opened our mind and prepared a place of beautiful neutrality for them to BE.  This has been referred to by some belief systems as a clearing out of the mind and a place of total "emptiness," usually sought by lengthy meditation or contemplation.  In any case, the mind must be totally open and free of "beliefs" before Grace can be accepted.

      "Oneness is simply the idea God is.  And in His Being, He encompasses all things.  No mind holds anything but Him.  We say "GOD IS," and then we cease to speak, for in that knowledge words are meaningless.  There are no lips to speak them, and no part of mind sufficiently distinct to feel that it is now aware of something not itself.  It has united with its Source.  And like its Source Itself, it merely IS.
      We cannot speak nor write nor even think of this at all.  It comes to every mind when total recognition that its will is God's has been completely given and received completely."

     (W-315/323) L-169.
     When this place in mind has been achieved, it lies beyond salvation, forgiveness, belief, words, thoughts and concept of anything we ever thought we knew, and enters into GOD I AM.  We have abandoned all but This, knowing that we are finally Home.  Our world, our thought and our self are released to Revelation and to eternity.
      "When revelation of your oneness comes, it will be known and fully understood."
     So we continue with the lessons in awakening that we have appointed for ourselves before time was, until we come to our own salvation, awareness and revelation of GOD IS.  This dream world is our place of miracles; the love we extend to each other to take us to the place when we see that love is all there is.
      "At last the gate of Heaven opens and God's Son is free to enter in the home that stands ready to welcome him, and was prepared before time was and still but waits for him."
            (Song of Prayer - 17/18)


     When we have lived our divine expression on earth in all its horror and beauty, experienced all our dreams and illusions, we have the wisdom and vision to see its purpose and feel its emotion.  We come to the knowingness that we are love being love.  Only then do we have the ability and allowance to see all our brothers as learning their lessons and gradually coming to see their own Light.  We can then have total compassion for them and learn to love them totally, as God does with all of us, equally.  That is how we come to the truth of love.  By living all of life fully, seeing the love in it and embracing our brothers in theirs.  Over many lifetimes of experience, we have the opportunity to feel it all in every situation of being.  Then we will know what it was like to feel pain, pleasure, sadness, happiness and joy.  We find the Love of the Christ in us and all our brothers.  We will finally understand:-
      "..Jesus.... was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God."      (M-83/87)
     To remember God is to remember the Christ Mind.  And That is us as we truly live in Heaven.  When we begin to see only that Christ in our brothers, love them in it and for it, we ARE remembering Heaven and our true place in it.  Our brothers are here learning their lessons of forgiveness as are we, so it is inappropriate to condemn them for their chosen lesson or try to remove them from it.  If they are doing it, it was necessary for them for their advancement.  If we attempt to remove it from them, or them from it, we have only interfered and they will have to return to it again.

     Every situation we witness is either love or a call for love.  Therefore, our only appropriate response is to give love.  When we visit a patient, it is not love to say, "Oh, you poor thing, I know just what you are going through, Aunt Minnie had the same thing last year."  What we do say is, "I am sorry to see your hardship, but I just want you to know I love you very, very much."  What they need is support, not diagnosis.

     There will come a time when all emotions and situations have been experienced and the total desire is just "to be."  We know we have the power of the sun and the stillness and magnitude of the stars.  We know we are ONE with all our brothers and "every living thing."  Then are we ready for the peace and completeness of BEING in the Real World of the Holy Spirit.  We wait upon the "lawns of heaven" for God to take His final step, knowing that our journey through earth plane is completed.  We are content.


    We have now released our mind to its greatness  and begin to understand the Vision of Christ.  We understand that our journey through life has been to show us what IS real and what we truly ARE.  Without the experiences and feelings, we would never have been able to see the difference and know there IS something else.  We realize we are the statesman of our state of mind.  We can choose to be whatever we will to be.  We realize that within our spirit mind, created by God, all of heaven lies.  When we are ready to live there, we have mastered all our lessons and are ready to return.  We have understood the principle called Life and the E-Motion called God.

     We can not understand the greatness of God and His Kingdom until we have experienced the littleness of ours.  We have now done all that - many, many times.  It is NOW time to see that "other way" that is inside our spirit mind but outside our ego mind.  So our choice is an intention of direction and purpose.  No one can make that choice for us, although Holy Spirit can guide us once we start.  Our choice is to make the commitment, after that He leads.

     Our path has taken us from Thought, through Light to form and will take us back to Thought.  Our emotion takes us from Love, through fear, wondering, seeking, experiencing in form and pain, death and back to Love.  We need to know that the journey in all its aspects was always necessary in order to fully comprehend Love and God.  We have been an aspect of God witnessing to Himself all the while.

     There is no failure or wrong, only another experience of being.  To see the lesson and choose for Truth is enlightenment.  The grain of sand that got under our shell and irritated us, becoming a beautiful pearl of wisdom when properly viewed.  Without the sand, there would never have been the wisdom.  God knows we are an aspect of His Mind struggling to understand and fulfil Itself.

     God loves us, and always has.  We are the Divine Expression of His Thought of BEING.  When we realize we are part of God, the song that we, the Son, sing to the Father and the Father sings the Son goes on unbroken throughout all Eternity.  Forever is NOW.  God is NOW, and we are ONE.  Love what you have been.  Love what you are.  Love what you are yet to be.  Embrace life, savour it and see God in all of it.


    After our perceived separation and fragmentation we thought we were in competition with each other in building our dream of heaven on earth.  But no matter what we built, it was never enough.  Early in our history we still had much of our creative energy force remembered from Heaven.  As we continued fragmenting and reincarnating, our God-power seemed to lessen as we took on more ego.

     The race was on.  We were not ready to give up our dream and simply awaken.  We kept on attempting to make our world bigger and better each time.  After many incarnations, we became enraptured of our illusion making it that much easier each time to return here after any progressive period of re-assessment.  We could do it better.  We could really make it work this time.  We had forgotten our true Identity as a Son of God and where our Home truly was.  We thought we were the mirror.

     We had learned of illusion - but had forgotten Truth.
     We had learned of man - but had forgotten God.
     We had learned of fear - but had forgotten love.
     We had learned of sorrow - but had forgotten joy.
     We had learned of death - but had forgotten life.
     Then through one circumstance or another when things became so pointless, so horrendous or so hopeless, we "bottomed out" and came to that "dark night of the soul".  It seems there is nothing left.  If we can but seize this opportunity that has been provided us, it can be our finest hour, our moment of salvation.  We get very still, go deep inside, meet our Holy Spirit there, and with His help, recognize we still have the spark of our divine SELF.  Even if it is difficult for us to see, we must "assume the virtue" and really know we have our God-Self still with us.

     As we begin to pay less attention to our ego mind and increasingly more to our spirit mind, the "God-in-me", the balance begins to tip the other way and our life starts to change.  Small things are noticed first.  The world takes on a new appearance, repeated synchronicity is apparent, our needs begin to be filled and happiness to appear as we choose for love in each situation where formerly we would have chosen fear.  As our spirit mind of love strengthens, our interest in ego lessens until eventually it is almost gone.  We have come close to seeing the God that we are, remembering our divine heritage and our true home.

     What began as a grand adventure into specialness has become a proving ground in which we learn to remember the created God we are; God experiencing Himself to Himself through us, and we witnessing to Him.  "GOD is" eternal joy experiencing joy in order to know Itself.

     We have then become His "Mirror of Heaven" here on earth and we return through the brilliant light calling us back to our SELF as we always have been, the Christ in Heaven.

     In order to get on with this process, we first have to forgive ourself for what we thought we and our brother were, fully embrace all of the life we have made in earth, see only the love in it, and get on with BEING the "God I AM."  We first see out own Light, then our brothers see that Light shining in us and know it is their own too.

     We realize our purpose in the world is not simply a cosmic accident, that we are needed exactly where and how we are,  and have a magnificent destiny to fulfil.  That mission, as guided by our Holy Spirit, will eventually lead us back to our SELF as we truly Live in Heaven.

     With Atonement accepted, we come into the full knowingness of our BEING, and awaken in the realization of our ONENESS with God, The Christ and all our brothers, ONE with us.  We disappear into the Golden Light of God's Love and say the last words we will ever say, "OH MY!".

     In our process of awakening to our own Light, we must always ASK! ASK! ASK! our Holy Spirit to show us the way, and know in certainty that it will happen.  Actually, what will happen is that we will "be shown" all the things, both conscious and deeply sub-conscious, that we have been holding onto that keep us from seeing the Light that we already have and always were.  As we address the God-in-me, we could say:-

     "From the Lord God of my Being.
     I desire with all my heart
     To open my mind.
     To the Highest Consciousness
     And be the Will of God."
     This prayer of affirmation will have great effect if it is done from deep within the heart/mind, with absolute honest intention and desire, exclusive of everything else.  The result will be the removal of materialism and intellect through false value as form and wise thoughts, bringing us to a direct experience of the Truth of God.  That is the Light that will cure us, and through our example, the world.

     In all our processes of reincarnation and contemplation over all of time, we are NOW the highest we ever were.  All the love we ever extended has been saved for us while the apparent effects of our mistaken thoughts, which we may view as unpardonable sins, have all been taken away.  Since they were all parts of our dream, they had no real effects at all.

     The mind of the ego can never attack, destroy or alter what God has created as REAL.  So the NOW moment is brand new.  In it is all of salvation and heaven possible.  We don't have to "die, get holy, offer sacrifice or penance.  We can awaken right NOW if we choose and be back in our SELF as created.  It is only our belief and our insane attachment to the ego world we have made that keeps us from BEING in Heaven.

     Therefore, bring nothing except love from the past; neither fear nor hope of the future.  God is NOW, Heaven is NOW, and we are NOW.  So it is written!  So shall it be done!  Let it be done - NOW!


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