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     Psychic or Spiritual?

     To be spiritual is to be Love.  To be psychic is to remember ego.  Love is of Heaven, which is its home.  Psychic understanding and experience is what we have made and can remember since we descended below the Line of Heaven.

    As our mind fragmented, we left parts of it all along our way.  It probably was just too "heavy" to carry on our journey.  So we "parked" parts of it as we travelled.  The very largest part was left just outside of Heaven and is our "universal consciousness."  In it are all thoughts of everything that ever was, is or will be, as we had now invented time.  This universal consciousness has been described as a giant library or computer, storing all information of everything ever thought about.

    Some could put "asleep" their conscious minds thus gaining access to the vast information available.  Edgar Cayce was an outstanding example of this process.  He also believed his key was only to use the information obtained in love, for "the good" of the subject of his "reading."  It mattered not if his subject "entity" was living or dead.  He simply "went up" his own "silver cord" of light energy through the universal consciousness and, if in the earth plane, along the entity's silver cord to access their mind.  He got his answer and was back in less time than it takes to tell of it.

     The universal consciousness contains all thoughts of all entities forever.  Therefore we can access the words of Shakespeare, the science of Einstein, the music of Wagner, the love of Mother Mary or any other thoughts of pure love that have been saved for us.

     To have a psychic experience is to access some higher level of our mind.  We can all do it if our intention and desire for it are all concentrated enough.  It is a contact with some level of ego mind somewhere below the Line of Heaven.  It is not spiritual, as spiritual experience is only of and in Heaven.  However, we always have spirit mind with us.  It is in fact the ONLY part of our mind that is REAL, having been created by God.  We can always be aware of spirit wherever we go, and it can always be our "Mirror of Heaven" as we travel.

     Sincere psychics, sages, prophets and wisemen have accessed information in this way throughout history.  The only other way spiritual knowledge can be had, is in direct revelation from Heaven, the Christ Mind or God.  This transmission is much more rare than commonly claimed.  Much of the information offered by prophets and sages has indeed been "channelled" to them, or "inspired" by guides or ascended masters.  A great deal of discernment and honesty must be employed by them of course, as their egos, like ours, are so anxious to get into the act.  In every case, we must filter out everything  except truth and listen to the message, not the messenger.

     It is inappropriate to build shrines and altars to any messenger as worship and awe should be reserved only for God, The Creator.  Gratitude and appreciation are certainly appropriate to saints and ascended masters as they have already gone before us and come to us to show us the way.  In addition there are an infinite number of angels and guides who have not yet become fully realized but who are bound to us by their love, and wish to help us understand.  They may often be deceased family members or other beings of love that have been important in any of our lives.

     Angels and guides came to us from their realm of suspension between complete realization and further incarnation in earth or other planes.  It is the intention of their love for us that brings them to us.  They may not necessarily be very spiritually advanced themselves but their love energy is quite real.

     In all of this, it must be remembered that heaven is a state of our mind.  How we go there is by changing our mind from thoughts of fear to those of love.  Our perception changes as we see only the Christ in all people and things, and so we remember Heaven.  Heaven was inside of us all the time, we just forgot to remember.

    The Total Abstract Thought Called Heaven


     In our concept of God as pure Energy we understand that God contemplates Himself, thus putting His Energy into motion.  This then, is E-Motion and that emotion is Love.  The basic property of Love is that it must by its own Nature extend itself.  In that Extension was The Christ created, being the one Creation of God, the One Son of God, being "all living things."  We, as part of the Christ Mind in Heaven go on creating as co-creators with God, as we truly live and have our BEING in Heaven.  The energy of Love is all-powerful and without limit.  We are that Energy.

     At this level we are pure thought with the vibration of thought.  If that frequency of vibration is slowed down it becomes light.  As we left the SELF of thought, we became BEINGS of light.  Wishing to further experience and contemplate ourselves, we once again slowed our frequency vibration down and became form.  We had now manifested in physical matter to experience our illusion.  After many, many incarnations at this level, we began to forget we were ever light, let alone thought, and that we ever were part of The Christ Mind, divine abstraction eternally.  We had now become the dream and viewed everything outside of it as un-real, an illusion.

    So we had turned creation upside down and could only see ourself and our world as a "Mirror of Heaven," upside down and backwards.  Truth had become illusion, love fear and life death.  We were trapped.  Caught in a net of our own making without any possibility of salvation in sight.  Vision became perception, love became judgement, and the other parts of ourself, our brothers, became our enemies.  We had done a very good job.

    Now we and our whole world were out of our mind - insane.  Then "into this hopeless and closed learning situation" comes Holy Spirit with His lessons of love and truth.  Our lessons begin with looking at ourself with Him, honestly and in depth leaving "not one dark cornerstone" hidden, and seeing what we have made that hides the truth of our Identity.  It can be a long road, as we steadfastly refuse to let go of what we now think we are.  But Holy Spirit together with our own spirit mind are quietly persistent and totally committed to seeing God's Will done in us.

     In all of our wandering manifestations of matter, our power was the energy of our original creative SELF.  We thought we could use our energy to miscreate something other than truth and Heaven.  It is not so.  We only thought we could.  Thought got us into our predicament, so thought is the only thing that can get us out.  That requires us to choose once again for love instead of fear;  God's Kingdom instead of our ego world.  We will all make that choice but we have the free will to decide when we will do it.  So we can postpone our awakening and continue our journey of curiosity, or choose the road for Home, Heaven and our SELF any instant we want.  Salvation is NOW!  Eternal joy, peace and happiness are NOW!  Heaven is but a thought away!


     Higher frequency thoughts are those of BEING, Oneness, Joy, Isness and Foreverness.  These thoughts are beyond form of any kind, beyond time or space.  The closest way we can express them is through feeling, although they transcend even that.  They are beyond words or description, being in the Oneness of Love.  But we continually search and seek for their expression here in our world experience as we long to be back in them again.

     So we go to nature.  To the wilderness, a brook, a lake, an ocean, a garden.  There we can hear the heartbeat of our own knowingness as we are in the feeling of life experiencing itself.  In a city, in the denseness of society, our thoughts are caught up in social consciousness.  Surviving, getting, competing, socializing, fearing, judging.  In nature, we are free of these restrictive limits.  There we are safe to fly free inward and join with the innocent acceptance of life in all its cycles.  We feel one with the flowers, trees, water, clouds, wind and animals.  We simply feel we are one with it all as it takes on a new shining beauty.  We draw in a deep breath.  It feels like pure oxygen.  We lift free of restriction, limits, need, stress and fear.  We are as close as we can get to our Home while still here in this "Mirror of Heaven."

     When we finally realize we are totally complete, joyous, and have no need, we look for another person in the same feeling of mind with whom we can extend our love.  When we find them, we feel the attraction of love for love, which is given and received without condition, limits or need.  Our joy is complete as we join hands and walk through the peace of our garden back to the Home of our love.

     Now the vibration of our thought frequency has been raised enormously.  As we walk on, our frequency raises higher and higher from the dense lower frequencies of social consciousness and matter in form to becoming beings of light.  We originally descended from pure thought frequency down through light frequency to the much slower and denser vibration of matter and form.  We are still in feeling, but becoming more aware of awakening to a much higher consciousness.  Our E-Motion is one of Love as we hear the Call of The Christ.


     As I drive the vehicle of my mind Home, I realize that my brother is seated beside me.  He carries the road map for our journey.  With and through him I find my way.  I am also conscious of two other presences in the back seat of my mind.  One is my ego, who always speaks first and loudest.  He always has great ideas of where to drive next and what wonderful things we will see and do there.  There are many side-roads and circle roads.  Ego wants to take them all and keep very busy and noisy through all their experiences.

     The other presence in the back of my mind is God In Me.  He is very quiet, calm and serene, but He will always answer when I ASK Him.  He does not fight with ego or criticize where we go.  He does not have to.  He knows we are driving home to Him.  Sometimes I listen to ego and take the wrong turn, in spite of our road map my brother holds.  I realize it is my CHOICE which presence I listen to, and which road I decide to take.  Throughout it all, God in my mind is very patient and allowing in His unconditional and non-judgemental Love.  He merely smiles and says, "Perhaps you would prefer to try them all."  I feel safe in His loving guidance.

     When we have finished all our detours into specialness, I look over my shoulder and am reassured that God is still there waiting, as we get back on the straight road again to the Home we never left.  I feel the miracle of peace and absolute joy as I realize our Goal is not far ahead now.

     I forgive myself for all my mistaken thoughts, embrace all of life, and get on with BEING GOD IN ME.


     We have stated earlier that there is no beginning, just as there is no end, but to our linear-thinking minds, it is easier to understand the nature of God in a linear way.  Therefore, we say "in the beginning."  Following this context of linear thought, we can consider God as pure, total, unmanifested Energy.  That  is all there is, without beginning or cause.

     If we consider that this Energy called God contemplated Itself, that Thought began a movement.  The Thought Itself extended and became the effect of the cause, that which we call "The Christ," being All Things.  There is no Thing outside it.  Anything else contemplated outside of God's Thought being nothing, an illusion, a dream.  The Christ, being God's Thought, witnesses to His Perfect Completeness, Totality and Oneness.  The Christ was given "free will" in His creation so that He might be co-creator with God in that State of Oneness called Heaven.

     The free will of the Son of God (Christ) allowed the possibility of an idle thought of separation from Himself to be considered.  In not rejecting that possibility immediately, in that split-second of contemplating the possibility, all of time, all of space and matter rolled out and was over before it ever started.  In that split-second, God's Thought regarded Itself and witnessed to God's Totality and Oneness.

     Our dream, our illusion is totally within that "tiny tick of time," and contains all of time, all of history as we know it.

     The Energy that is God has a certain vibration, a certain frequency.  As it manifested into thought, it maintained its total vibration.  In the perceived separation that followed, that vibration was slowed down so that Thought became Light.  That infinitesimal part of the Christ that was contemplating separation, then became a "Being of Light" as it searched about for an expression in which to contemplate itself.  Slowing its vibration down still further, form began to emerge and manifest as time, space, galaxies, universes, worlds and eventually bodies.  In this process the original "being of light", fragmented over and over until now there were many "beings of light" vying for expression.  Some say that it has now been 10.5 million years (as we know time) since form first began to emerge.

     Expressed as a formula of velocity, the process could be expressed as:-

    -E(GOD)----> THOUGHT ----> LIGHT ----> FORM.

     If we consider such change in vibration being possible to effect change in appearance, we need only consider temperature comparable to vibration (frequency).  H20 is known to us as water, but if temperature is lowered it becomes ice with different apparent characteristics than water.  If temperature is increased, the water becomes steam and apparently disappears.  This simple experiment may help us understand the apparent change as
    Energy --> Thought --> Light --> Form.

     As we experience "death" and "head for the light," a common description in thousands of recorded cases, we have reversed our vibration and are heading away from form.  When we are eventually ready for further change, we can change our vibration of light to one of thought, placing us back in the Real World of the Holy Spirit, awaiting God's last step in lifting us back to our SELF, the Christ in Heaven.  Following along with our premise of God as Energy (E), we see that extension of God is Energy in motion (E-Motion).  That E-Motion is LOVE, God's TRUTH in motion.  Such is the Creation of Christ, the Energy of Love.  We are all that One Christ.  We are all Love. That is the stuff of our creation, and nothing else.  Such is LIFE in our Eternity of Innocence, joy, completeness, Oneness, forever.

     In our perceived separation, we still had all the Power of God in us.  We still had our E-motion of Love.  Our God Power allowed us to mis-create as well as create.  Mis-creation then became a mistaken thought; a thought used incorrectly.  We thought the E-motion of FEAR.  Now we had two emotions to choose between, Love and fear.  And so it is.  In each and every perceived situation in our life experience, we always must choose between LOVE or FEAR.  All negative emotions are sub-sections of fear, no matter what form they take.  They can appear as a host of different situations; hate, annoyance, greed, lust, lack, sickness, and many, many more.  However, reduced to their common denominator, they are all the same - FEAR.  So all mistaken thoughts are one and can be undone by making another choice - for LOVE.  It is very simple - and it works.

     We must remember that all things that appear to happen are either (1.) love being sent and received or (2.) a call for love from a mistaken mind.  The ONLY appropriate reply in either situation is to send LOVE.  It is not difficult - LOVE is what we are.  LOVE is the only thing that can be given away and yet still makes more of itself.

     In the true essence of our reality, we are LOVE contemplating Itself.  As such, we are witnessing to God; God contemplating Himself through us in the human form.  Only Love can witness so.  God is not fear, so fear in any form cannot witness to God.  This God-Self of us, is expressing God as we evolve into a perfectness of thought that eventually disappears back into God as we awaken from our dream of specialness into our original Oneness of Him.

     Our perceived life in earth is a combination of the thoughts of God and matter in form.  Having experienced the other realms of God's Kingdom as thought, and light, we have chosen our home in form to further see God's magnificence.  In that it is easier to see difference here, we have evolved to a level of awareness to enhance our witnessing and be able to choose once and again for God and His Truth.  As our love moves in extension to our brothers, we witness to its perfection, accept our own Atonement and return to Heaven via the Real World of our Holy Spirit.

     Each time thought is contemplated into E-motion, a "reality" of matter follows.  When the change is to Love, we realize we are truly a Child of God experiencing the evolution of knowing Itself one more time.  You can't have evolvement without involvement.  We must embrace the whole of life and choose the love in it.

     Life is that God- force running through everything that is, experiencing Itself in the Love that is the "isness" of All-That-Is.  It is the Beingness not the busi-ness of Thought that is the foreverness of the eternity of space.  Forever is an infinite number of NOW points joined in an endless line of eternity.  In this, there is no beginning and no end, it just IS.  The movement of "GOD IS" can not be slowed down to be evaluated or described.  God is a movie, not a snap-shot.  The Universal "oohmm" is not one note of the song but the song itself.  When you reach the God-Love in yourself, you have reached eternity in the reality of just BEING.  Then just go quietly into the Oneness of All-That-Is, continually witnessing to that Oneness.  Whatever shall be will be as guided by Holy Spirit.  We are the one who listens, He the One That speaks.

     Our problem is to recognize what we were given and what we made, and then to choose to be only in the love of our original creation.  Having realized what we are, we extend it to that same love in our brother, who has been created like ourself.  God's Love is in "all living things" for us to see and join with.  It is up to us whether we will see that love, or fear, as we consider our brother.  The world will become whatever we want it to be in any situation.  We can see it condemned or forgiven according to the meaning we place upon it.  Love does not limit.  We have the free will to make of life what we will until we see God in all things and return to His unconditional Love.

     Go forth with the newfound God Love in you, being the essence of God in which you were created.  That Love was always in you, it had just been hidden behind the mistaken thoughts you made.  God is Everything.  There is nothing outside of It.  As we experience our thoughts and manifest them into existence, we are an Aspect of God expressing Himself to Himself.  There is no self-love or arrogance in this State - it is just the way it IS.  It is totally egoless and undivided.  This is the REAL SELF of every Son of God.  That SELF is and always was totally perfect and complete, being a Thought in the Mind of God.

     Our mission is to find that inner SELF, be in it, and manifest it to the world.  The way we do that is to join with the same SELF in our brother,  and so remember our SELF, Heaven and God.  It is a holy mission and one that we can not fail as God has willed it so, and His will is our will.  Our purpose here is a divine one of forgiving and remembering.  As we allow our Holy Spirit to fill our heart and mind with only His Pure Love, our body will know only happiness and wellness, allowing is to go out into the re-born world to shine out the light of our divine SELF.  We will be IN the world, but not OF it.

     Our attention, attraction and desire will then be only for God and His Kingdom here on earth as in heaven.  We are no longer experiencing through our ego, but are living entirely within our "right", spirit, mind.  We can be fully within this space at any instant WE so choose, but it is a process.  Some say we have been learning awakening for 10.5 million years, so we still have to be patient with our progress.

     In all this we need to always remember two things.  First, we ARE Love.  Second, we have Holy Spirit in our mind always available to us.  These two things have been given to us by God in our creation, we do not have to make them.  When we allow Holy Spirit to help us remove the dark clouds we have placed over our own Divine Light, we will see shining through, all the love, peace, and joy we could ever need.  They always were there for us when we were ready to see them.

     Then, when we are "living in the light" of our God-Self, others will be sent to us so that we may shine on them by our example and so remind them of their own Divine Light and re-awaken it in them.  The circle broadens to include everyone.  It fills with the pure golden light of God's Great Rays until nothing else is.  We realize that we need do nothing from our own judgement and decision, as it is already being done through us.  We become ONE with the All-That-Is, and the unbroken song continues that appeared to have been stopped only for an instant.  God IS, so are we, and all our brothers with us.

     In this newly remembered peace and love, we know that we need not attempt to make the dream better and that each brother is exactly where and how he needs to be in his process of awakening.  Beautiful or horrendous happenings are all part of that process and are necessary lessons in the progress of returning home from our journey into specialness.  The only appropriate action for us is to shine out the love that we are to our brother, especially when it is asked for.  We know we no longer have to attain wisdom, peace, abundance or power because we already have everything in infinite totality.

     We go forth in our world, in that place we have appointed for our present experience, with a newfound vision not of our body's eyes as the whole world takes on a new, brilliant and shining meaning.  We have cleaned the mirror of our soul and it reflects back to us God in motion; the E-Motion of Love Being Itself.  We have seen the "Mirror of Heaven" here on earth and smile in perfect peace.  We first clean our mirror, and then shine out Perfect Love to a waiting world.

     Three Choices

     In my concept of our many minds from the lowest "conscious mind" on up through all our other minds to our "universal conscious" mind, we realize that our journey through them is all within our ego dream.  Our "One Mind" exists only in Heaven as we truly Live and Have our Being, where we dwell forever outside our dream of separation.

     All minds below Heaven and the "Line of Eternity" operate in the psychic realm, not being "spiritual" in themselves at all.  Of course, we carry our "spirit" mind with us always, so it is with us within the dream.  When a person "dies" to our experience of being alive within our world, the mind goes to a place of contemplation and self-assessment where the life just past may be reviewed and the decision made as to whether it is totally perfect, totally "realized" yet or if further lessons in awakening should be undertaken.  Should the "entity" of our mind decide there is still something that needs to be learned from another world-life experience, a further incarnation may be selected, in what form and under what conditions.  The script is chosen and the new experience begun.

     However, at the place in mind of "past life review", two other options are open to us.  One is that we absolutely have awakened to the fact of our perfection and completeness in spirit.  Our one desire is to return to our SELF as Christ Mind in Heaven.  We have accepted our Atonement, that is, the certain knowledge of what and where we are forever.  We then "cross the bridge" to the Real World of the Holy Spirit to await God's last step in lifting us back Home.

     Our third choice is also to completely accept our spiritual identity and be fully ready for our glorious return Home, but to choose to return to the world of the dream to help guide those still struggling within it.  This, of course, comes out of our selfless desire to extend the love that we are to others, really other parts of ourself.  So we volunteer, we accept the new incarnation and begin our extension of love.  This incarnation may take many forms that seen to the world to be other than what they are.  We could re-appear as crippled, sacrificing, generous or loving as required.  Often the entity might not remember its own choice, but simply go on fulfilling its purpose and extending its love.  This might result in a very short stay on earth, or appear a more normal existence as purpose required.  In any case, all incarnations are guided for everyone's highest good by Holy Spirit and we can say;-

    "I am here to represent Him Who sent me.
    I am here only to be truly helpful,
    I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do,
    because He Who sent me will direct me.
    I am content to be wherever He wishes,
    knowing He goes there with me.
    I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal".

    So in our past life review and self-assessment we see we have THREE CHOICES:-
    1.  Go to the Real World to "wait upon the lawns of Heaven".
    2.  Go back to a re-incarnation for more lessons.
    3.  Return to a world-life experience to help others.

     Whichever we choose, we realize it is a giant step in the awakening of our mind to our SELF as a holy Child of God.


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