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    A journey with the ego, properly used, will make Gods out of innocence.  In innocence we began our exploration of curiosity, in awareness we awaken to the Self.  We can choose to remain in our “negative proving ground” as long as it takes to see that God is correct (right); and that only the Truth is true.  We awaken to I AM as part of, and the extension of, God as I AM.


    FAITH is allowing to be what you can not see, understand, or reason.  It is the acceptance that something is because it is felt in the awareness of the soul.  Faith is the vanguard of being that allows truth to follow.

    Faith can be expressed as saying, “O.K., I know it is; 1 don’t know how it is; or why it is; or where it is, but know in certainty that it is” And to know that, beyond all shadow of doubt and in absolute certainty.  Faith is a part of love; and like love, is given us by God.  We do not have to look for faith or make it ourself; we already have it and is a necessary part of our being as The Christ to allow us to re-awaken to truth.

    The key to the release from the necessity for control and then the development of trust lies in the knowledge that we are equipped with faith, just as we are with love, ever since our creation.  It is not of us, it is of God.

    People, who say that there can be no such thing as reincarnation, are the same ones who said the world was flat only a few hundred years ago.  They say, "Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up.”  And what’s more, “I know we are all sinners!”

    What is required is our “little willingness,” offered with great willingness.  Dedication of purpose.  Commitment.  “Although I can not remember, I no longer choose to forget.”

    “The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the atonement for himself.”  That is, what I am and where I am, always.  “What” not “who.”  Once we say “who” we begin to put personality (a definition of ego) over our spirit.  Out of that realization and experience in unquestionable certainly comes the knowledge of Self and depth of peace that is total, infinite, and eternal.

    Once in that place in mind (totally being in that that I AM), I can not do anything else except be the love that I AM and join with all my brothers in that love, which is also theirs.  It just happens.  We don’t have to “try” to join or “make” it happen.  Our brother will notice the pure, peaceful light in us and be attracted to it because it is also present in him, even if he doesn’t (is not yet ready) to recognize or define it in either me or himself.  On the other hand I can only join with him on that level because there simply is nothing else to do.  “Nothing else outside of it, and nothing else within.”  To “try” to join on any other level, is a product of ego, no matter how subtle or “holy” it may appear.

    To “try” to join, or “try hard” to "do Workbook " are “holy” motivations of ego and are subtle examples of reaching outside of ourself for our salvation.  The answer is INWARD, not OUTWARD.



    Love and fear must quietly stand together hand in hand and look on each other to know the Self.  Then very quietly and very gently fear becomes love, and is at Home at last, in the peace of the heart.

    Fear cannot be hated, avoided, or denied.  It must be looked on for what it is and forgiven as an intention of the heart.

    This intention is the love that says, “You are O.K.  just as you are; take my hand and walk with me.”  In Innocence we came, in Innocence we shall return.

    For God would see His Children home:

    There IS nothing else.
     - And so -
    I got it backwards: I made a mistake.
    I thought I could be something I am not.
    I thought the instructions said,
    “My will, not Thine be done.”

    Need for control is lack of trust.
    Lack of trust is denial of truth.
    Lack of trust comes from not knowing what I AM.
    Faith is simply letting go and knowing
    I need do nothing, it is already looked after.

    A Dream of Separation (Guilt)

    It was a glorious day.  Excitement was high in the air.  The sun was shining and there was great hub-bub and confusion among all the multitude of voyagers assembled in preparing to depart on the Great Adventure.  There was no thought of our Creator, no thought about leaving Home; all attention, hopes and expectations were on the Adventure and what we would discover there.  Some thought of brave new lands, some of sparkling riches, some of alliances and relationships.  In innocence, everyone was leaving Life as he had known it for the wonder, excitement, adventure and searching for something “else”, something “more”, something “more special” in which he could experience himself as special, important and “more” than he was at Home.

    So the procession began to form up with all manner of marchers, bags, banners, and accoutrements.  I was selected and given the great honour, privilege and responsibility of carrying the chart, the map, so that we would always know our route, how we came and, of course, how we could get back Home.  This “map” was a very large mirror, which carried the reflection of Home, the route, ourselves, and consequently all the directions and instructions for our journey and the means for our return.  I felt the privilege and responsibility very sincerely and deeply as I began to walk forward.

    In the journey, I was descending a very long flight of stairs.  As I stepped down, I was careful to maintain my grip on the sides of the mirror, but part-way down, I stumbled, lost my grip, and watched in horror as the mirror crashed downward step after step breaking over and over coming to rest in countless small pieces at the foot of the stairs.

    My feelings of adventurous expectancy and responsibility turned to absolute all—consuming despair, anguish and utter hopelessness as I knelt among all the broken pieces, futilely trying to sweep them “back together” with my arms, knowing it was impossible to do.  Not only was I “lost forever” outside of Home but so were all the other travelers who were counting on me to preserve the map.  It was all my fault.  We were now all doomed to nothing forever.  This feeling, for me, is what ACIM© calls guilt.

    Then, as I looked more closely at each of the tiny pieces, each reflected itself and as well the total whole like a hologram that the mirror had always reflected.  In each broken fragment I recognized the One and the way Home.

    — And in each broken piece, saw only the face of Christ and so remembered God.


    Sin is that sense of separation, aloneness and of being separate than, or different from, our brothers.  Essentially, it is a sense of not knowing who we really are and where we are forever.


    There are only two emotions, love, and fear.  Love is a perfect sense of oneness and unity with all that is and knowing in perfect certainty that there is nothing else than
    I AM.

    Fear is any feeling or thought other than love.  It can run from a vague uneasiness, dis-comfort, dis-ease through to jealousy, greed, lust, hatred and murder.  There is no difference in content as they are all expressions of fear in some form.


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