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    We celebrate Jesus’ birth as a symbol of love and peace and the appearance of truth and oneness in our world.  As we unite with our brothers in a holy instant all concept of guilt and judgment is withdrawn and we realize we are one with Everything.  We have removed our mind from any thought of body, world, or need to do or think anything at all and have returned to our natural state of pure BEING. As we make a concentrated and total intention of extending the Love that we are with our brother, that intention and desire, exclusive of everything else, carries us into a profound holy instant.  That is our feeling at Christmas, why we give each other gifts and wish each other peace and joy.  Christmas music expands and shares the love in our hearts, and for a time, lifts us out of the detours into specialness we invent.
     Christmas is the symbol of the end of sacrifice.  In it we remember where our safety, our Being and our love dwell.  Peace is the condition for the awareness of our relationship with God, and the Home in Love, which we never left.
     “In the holy instant the condition of love is met for minds are joined without the body’s interference, and where there is communication, there is peace.”
     Jesus is that Prince of Peace who came into the world to remind it of its heritage and that “sacrifice is nowhere and love is everywhere.”
     Jesus says, “Such is the message of the time of Christ, which I give to you that you may give it (to your brothers) and return it to the Father, Who gave it to me.  For in the time of Christ communication is restored, and He joins us in the celebration of His Son’s creation.”  (T-15.XI 8:4-5)
      And so, we have re-joined the flow of God’s Love within the Circle, and are back where He would have us be.


     The circle is the symbol of creation and eternity.  It represents the continual, uninterrupted, and total flow of God’s Love.  It passes through all my brothers and me and then back to God.  As long as I stay in the “flow,” I am one with God and all my brothers.  Creation continues as God intends, as the flow of His Love is returned to Him.
     There is no time when this creation started; no time when it stops; no time when it was ever not there.  When I place myself in the flow, I am aware of it, and conscious I have made the choice to be there.
     Whenever I remove myself from the flow and go off on one of my many ego tangents, which go nowhere to nothing, I feel unsatisfied and experience a dis-ease within my mind.  I may say, “This is not where I want to be; this is not giving me what I had expected.”  I can then ask my Holy Spirit to guide me back to the flow and once again fill me with the Love of God.
     I realize that my purpose here in the worldly experience I have chosen is to see the difference, and once again make the choice for Truth and Love.  Back in the flow, I receive the Love of God and pass it on to whichever of my brothers (God’s other children) are waiting to receive it through me.  God is the Source and Holy Spirit is the activating agent, so it is unnecessary for me to do anything except to get out of the way, and let God’s Love flow.  In this regard, then, I need do nothing except not interfere, “originate,” or decide that I know how it should be done.
    CREATION is that continual flow of God’s Love as expressed by the circle. Creation is not something that happened a long, long time ago and was over when God extended Himself and created The Christ. It is a continual happening and goes on constantly, all the time. When we choose to place ourself back in the Circle, we return to the continuing creation of God’s Purpose. There, together with all our brothers, we are able to remember God, Heaven and our Self as The Christ. This is awakening, salvation, resurrection, rebirth, and our return to the light. I and my brother are ONE as we witness to God’s Perfection.


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