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    The world has turned a page.  The 1900’s are no more and a brand new millennium has begun.  Over the past history the world went through many marked changes as men searched for their identity.  Power and status were sought through military dominance, land, agrarian wealth, industrial ages, and the electronic era.  Much of the searching was based on greed, power and lust.
     The new millennium heralds a complete change of intention and desire.  The movement is now away from material things and is centring on the awareness of mind.  It is a time of contemplation and introspection.  We are all going inward for answers to the perennial question, “What am I?”
     The discovery has finally been made that the answer has always been ours, and deep within us.  The most important way we can go is not upwards or onwards, but inwards.
     Many new writings are appearing by a host of authors, led by our elder brother, Jesus, as they are guided to express truth in their own terms.  All are quite wonderful and, taken correctly, all lead to the One Truth; God Is.  It will, therefore, behove us to listen to the message and not the messenger as we pass the illuminating books on to each other.  Each author will necessarily express his truth in accordance with his current situation and understanding.  That must be taken into account as we peruse his words and thoughts.
     But there is a Grand Plan.  Holy Spirit has it all well in hand and is unfailingly guiding the entire process to its ultimate conclusion.  After all, we came here to experience what we thought was necessary so that we could observe the difference between love and fear, and make our choice for which we prefer.  Know that all events and situations are necessary both for the participants and the observers as there are lessons to be learned by all.  Remember; there are no accidents and everything is a lesson God would have us learn.  When we have finally had enough, we will simply give up our investment in what we thought was real, and return to that larger part of us eternally residing in joy and completeness in the Heaven of God’s Mind.
     The 2000’s will mark the time of that change of mind as we choose for what is real and our Original Inheritance, as we learn; “Nothing real can be threatened.
                                                    Nothing unreal exists.”
                                                (ACIM© Introduction)
     What God has said Is So and nothing we can think, say or do can change It.


     In many statues and paintings of religious figures of saints and others, we see pictured an almost glazed, far-away look in their eyes as though they had left our world and were seeing another world, another way of being far outside of ours.  They are sometimes shown with a depiction of a “heart fire”; a heart aflame with the Glory of God.
     To me, these represented a profound holy instant, outside of time and space, where that mind has reached a “place” where they are aware they are ONE with “everything,” without even being aware of what “everything” is.  They have left all concept of body, world, time and space and know no need at all except the perfect being of ONENESS.
     Such is the experience of a profound holy instant.  In it, we are looking right through a window on Heaven Itself, and know it.  Perfect peace is experienced with a realization of love and oneness with the ALL.
     Sometimes we meet such a person in our world.  They have an ethereal glow, a presence of youthful vibrance emanating from a peace coming from beyond our world.  They appear to be in the prime of life even though we know they should be much older.  The vibrant voice, keen eye, and sturdy body all point to a transformation that could only be described as a transfiguration.  It is quite obvious that they have found something not of this world and then have become it.
     All of life is thought expressed as mind.  In spirit mind we are closest to the Christ Mind of our real Being.  As the vibration of our thought mind is reduced, we descend downward closer to our body and the manifestation of our conscious mind.  We can leave that conscious mind at night in our dreams, when anaesthetised, hypnotized, or in deep meditation.  Opening to our guidance with properly directed intention and desire, we can ASK for awarenesses, not otherwise available to us.  We may gain answers to our questions from our other minds, or even ascend all the way to our universal conscious mind where all information, past, present, and future is already stored.  Such is gained by sincere and practised psychics, sages, wise-men and clairvoyants.  Everyone can do it but it takes intention, desire, and practice.
     To achieve a transfiguration, the mind has already “travelled” to that “place” of oneness and has experienced a continuous holy instant known as a state of grace.  The soul is that part of mind that has remembered it is ONE with God.  In transfiguration it is living in that ONENESS.
     Once we have experienced a profound holy instant, it is forever impossible to forget it.  Our desire is always to return to it and be in it as much as possible.  Unfortunately, our ego mind does not want us to be there, as then it would not exist.  So it will try all its best distractions to have us leave the perfect peace of the holy instant and return to the world of ego chaos and so preserve itself.
     Thoughts are real things.  Every thing that is, such as our body and our world, started with a thought.  And we were the one that thought it.  Such is the power we have that God gave us in our creation.  He intended for us to be co-creators of love with Him, but does not prevent us from mis-creating our own experiences to prove what we are in comparison to what we think we are.  “As a man thinketh – so he is.”  In a profound holy instant, we can truly say, “I and my Father are one.”
     It has been said that in you is all of heaven.  In that thought each of us carries with us God, the Christ and Holy Spirit.  Therefore, it may be said that we are expression of Holy Trinity just waiting for ourself to remember it.  If we dwell in our body self, we will never remember our real Self, the home of God, and all the other children created by God.  In that thought, I am you and you are me and we are all in God as He is in each of us.
     And so we go on, learning the lessons we have appointed for ourself to come to the final realization of “I am not a body, I am free, for I am still as God created me.”
     Although we cannot have knowledge here, as that is only of Heaven, we can certainly attain wisdom here to remember where knowledge is.  Such is the acceptance of Atonement, wherein we remember we are the holy, created Child of God.
     It may be helpful to think of our body and our world as solid matter.  Then, as we begin to ascend, our vibrations are raised to a state that resembles liquid in which we are neither solid matter nor spirit, but have the ability to choose which way we will go.  We can either drop again into matter or rise toward our true state.  If we so choose to ascend to the highest spirituality of us, our vibration becomes gaseous, which is elastic and tends to expand indefinitely.  In that state of mind, we have risen above the fog line of doubt, fear, guilt, and dis-ease, which disappear, back into the level of vibration we have left behind.
     All our experience of being outside of heaven hovers between these extremes and is a constant choosing of which way we will go and what it is that we want.  God or the ego.  Love or fear.  Heaven or hell.  When Jesus said that the son of man must be lifted up to become again the Son of God, he was referring to mind, not body.  Our body is the personification of our ego, which we choose to leave behind.
     When we have withdrawn our investment in past and future and all that they seemed to hold, we can ascend to that place of Christ Vision from where we can look down at our world, understand it, forgive it, and finally remember what we are.  Truth has been revealed to us.  We can return to our world, but nothing will ever look or be the same again.  We can smile in the certain knowledge we are the Child of God and see only the love in everyone and everything where once we saw fear, judgement and hatred.  We realize there is nothing here we really want, and are ready to proceed to the real world of the Holy Spirit.
     Spirit is the supreme essence of man’s being.  It can never be hurt or unhappy.  When we come to realize this, we have entered the New Millennium and are ready to become once again the Child of God we were created to be.  We have realized our own transfiguration and present it to the world for all to see that they may remember their own.
      “A new era, wrapped in the garment of approaching day, is dawning in the hearts of men; and soon again will the virgin Spirit of God shine forth from the heart and the door again will open, by which all who will may find entrance to a larger and fuller life.  Young, vibrant, with perennial youth and hope and endeavor, the soul of man stands on the threshold of a new era, more glorious than any other that has brightened the sky since Creation’s dawn.  The Star of Bethlehem shone brighter at Jesus’ birth than it had before but soon its brightness will be like a noonday sun, for this new light foretells the day when the Christ is born in the hearts of all men.”
    (From: - “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. II, pp. 72)

     We have learned that we can enter the Kingdom of God, and that that Kingdom is within us, and always has been.
     Death, time, space, body, world, fear, and dis-ease have all disappeared and we are re-born to our Self as part of the Christ, eternally in the Mind of God.  We are Home where He would have us be, all lessons learned, with nothing at all left except a smile.



    * Soul is that part of mind that, however vaguely, still remembers it is connected to God.
    * Certainty is an unlimited collection of infinite possibility existing within the Mind of God.
    * Buddha, Krishna, or Muhammad are the WAY to Enlightenment ---Jesus, as Perfect Christ Mind,  IS Enlightenment.
    * To God, believing is seeing.  To the ego, seeing is believing.
    * Don’t waste your mind looking for an answer. There never was a question.
    * The older I get, the less I am interested in income, and the more interested in outcome.
    * Take only what you NEED into the new millennium. Leave all the rest behind — it never was of value to you anyway.
    *  We are not here to understand love, but to experience it.
    *  Life is an onion stuck together with Crazy Glue.
    * Those w ho don’t know can’t say,
    And those who know, don’t say.
    * “In small matters trust the mind.
    In large ones, the heart. - Sigmund Freud
    * The greatest part of the song is the silence between the notes.
    * Diffused power is noise: Concentrated Power is silence.
    * The Fourth Dimension is God in Expression through the Christ in us.



     We have just entered a brand new world.  It’s a whole new opportunity to see our life, our self, the planet, and all its people in a new, different, happy and loving way.
     But in order to gain that new vision, you must take off the coverings of all your old beliefs and judgments and leave them behind.  Just like a coat and a sweater, take them off – drop them right there and don’t even look back.  Your problem has always been that you have been carrying all this “stuff” that you don’t need, is holding you down and not providing you with any truth at all.  Let your New Year’s Resolution be to shed the old and open your eyes to see the new.  Nobody else made you carry your burden; You decided to do it – and now you can make a better choice!! What better time than at the turn of the New Millennium?  Nobody is making you be what you were except you!  Nobody is making you believe what you did except you!
     Open wide the window of your mind as this century begins and allow the wind of change and light of love to freshen and renew your holy dwelling place.
     It won’t happen, though, unless it is your one desire and your one intention.  Make up your mind for it to happen and ASK the Guide Who walks with you for His direction in which way you should go.  He will never show you wrongly, even if you don’t understand at first.
     Remember that ego came into the new millennium with you also, and that he wants to be heard first.  So, you have to choose which voice you will hear, and which you will choose for your teacher.  It has to be One or the other – there is no one else.
     Let your theme for the new year be a “Happy New Year.”


     The world stood in fear and trembling at the door of the turn of the millennium.  Once again Henny Penny has convinced us all that the sky was falling and that all our computers would crash!
     In our arrogance and ignorance, we mistakenly believed that our computers were us!
     Well, the Y2K Bug hit all right, but it was a real Virus and not an electronic one at all.  All the computers escaped fine, but all the humans got the Virus!
     It was a nasty strain for type “A” influenza and began sweeping through the world on the stroke of midnight, December 31, 1999.  It has now become an epidemic, crippling society with its usual fervour and fever.
     So, get your rest, drink your juice, keep warm, and hold on.  Remember, there are no accidents, and everything is a lesson God would have us learn.  Go inward and ask, “What is this for?”  Then be quiet and listen for the answer.
     As another book says, “Even this shall pass away.”  Perhaps it is all about letting go of what we don’t want and opening to a clean, happy, brave new world where we can replace fear with love.


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