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     The message that Jesus was giving us in his crucifixion on the cross and his subsequent resurrection was that HIS BODY MEANT NOTHING, and his spirit MIND MEANT EVERYTHING!!
     Most thought systems and religions focus on the terrible pain and suffering he must have endured and how he was subjected to this ordeal to pay for OUR SINS!
     People that think this way are, of course, relating his body to their own and know how it would have felt to them and what a terrible thing it would be to be without their own body.  They have given their value to their body in place of their mind, including that part of their mind, which was created by God.
     Perhaps at this Eastertime, it is time to reconsider where our value lies and listen to the true message from Jesus.  He said our own resurrection lies through his instruction to us to do as he did and follow him to the real world, just below Heaven.  In this process of mind, he is our wayshow-er.  He did not mean we had to get nailed to a cross (although most of us are good at doing that to ourself), but rather that we should think as he did, see the difference between fear and Love, illusion and Truth, ego and Holy Spirit in our own process.
     Then make the choice to remember what we really are instead of what we think we are, reach more deeply into our memory with the guidance of our own Holy Spirit and re-discover TRUTH.
     Holy Spirit needed a person in FORM to be an example for us that we could relate to.  He had to have a body, a story, and a history that we could compare with ours.  An abstract thought system that God, Heaven, and Holy Spirit are would not be explicit enough for us to grasp in our perceived separated state.
     So Jesus came to our world “walked his walk and talked his talk” for us to see.  After he eventually left in physical form, he returned in many ways to help guide us Home.  We and the world are his assignment as personification of the Holy Spirit here.  He wrote “A Course In Miracles©” as well as guiding others in their attempts to channel truth.  In his discarnate state, he can enter Heaven, the real world or our world as required to have the most effect in the journey home for all of us.  He, along with Holy Spirit, will use whatever we have made or whatever we think we are to show us our lessons of remembering.  Eventually (a level two description of time and space), we WILL awaken from our dream of the illusions of our body/world and back to the realization of our Self as the created Son of God.  The reason that this will happen, is because God decided it would be so before we ever had the thought of separating.
     Study A Course In Miracles©.  It will take you to where you want to go, even though you may not realize it right now.  It is Jesus’ road map for us to follow in our “journey” home.
     Much of ACIM focuses on relationships.  It states that with and through our “brothers,” those others in our life right now, we will find our way or stay trapped in the illusion we have made.  The process is to see only the Christ in all our brothers, and so, remember God, our Self (as part of the Christ), and Heaven.  The Course tells us that FORGIVENESS is the Way, and that forgiveness is always for ourself.  In it we choose to see our brother differently and so forgive him for what he did not do.  God created the REAL part of him and loves him just as much as us.  We see in him only the Child of God and realize he is the reflection of what we are ourself.  In him, we will find ourself or loose ourself, as we so choose.  Ignore not your brother, for he is the one sent to you to be your saviour.  Bless him for what he is doing for you, let your former judgments of everyone and everything go, and see only the Love of God in its place.  No one outside you is “doing it to you.”  The situation at hand is there because you need it as a lesson to so choose.
     Remember Jesus’ ONE instruction, “LOVE ONE ANOTHER,” and teach only Love, for that is what you are.  God knows it, Holy Spirit knows it, Jesus knows it, and one day You will know it too.


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