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    Our problem is that we have forgotten what we are. The Answer is to awaken from the dream and REMEMBER.

    Since we have been so long asleep, it is now almost impossible to awaken and remember. God knew this would be our problem when we decided to wander off and investigate our own world and our own ideas. Therefore, He put the memory of Himself, our Self and Heaven within our sleeping mind in the form of Holy Spirit. He is still there and has only been waiting in infinite patience for us to ASK Him what we are.

    His job is to remember for us. We don’t have to do it. In fact, if we try to do it on our own, we will only drive ourself deeper into our illusion and further away from Truth. So, we must remember to ASK our Holy Spirit for His guidance and advice on every aspect of our thinking no matter how seemingly small and insignificant or how large. We must remember that everything, every thought and every event, is a lesson God would have us learn and that nothing is there by chance. There are no accidents. Everything is there for us to REMEMBER and learn what and where we are, and have always been. The answer will come from deep within the quiet centre of us and not somewhere outside of US. Therefore it is not beneficial to look for salvation in other places or persons as idols of authority.

    ACIM says that out sole responsibility is to accept Atonement for ourself. That means to realize the perfection and innocence of our Self as what we truly are. Inside that concept there can be no judgment, no question and no doubt. We KNOW WHAT WE ARE. It dawns upon us very softly and gently as we realize we already are EVERYTHING and need do NOTHING to be complete. Our understanding is not necessary, just our willingness to be told by our Holy Spirit, it is necessary to get quiet, be still, and listen for Him to tell us.

    Herein lies the Simplicity of Salvation.

    The process is for me to let go of my investment in whatever is my current adventure in the ego dream, and prefer to be back in the flow of the circle. This is a conscious choice and requires a dedication of intention and desire on my part.

    Most of my ego diversions, whether of form or thought, are centred around my body, especially as it relates to other bodies. This makes me “special,” “separate” and usually “superior.” I have forgotten that God loves all His Children equally regardless of my perception of their race, form, thoughts, or actions.

    God’s plan is for me to learn my lessons of ONENESS, and then to share them with my brothers when they are ready to listen. Such is the “plan of the teachers,” which is a holy purpose. it is not up to me to “safeguard” God’s holy words, as Truth needs no defense. It IS up to me to share that truth in whatever form I can see it, a bit at a time as I learn it. Obviously, my learning will grow as I progress with subsequent changes in expression and greater “sophistication” until my mind returns again “at one” with God’s. This will dawn on me as already being done perfectly, needing no assistance from my own perception.

    Whenever I remove myself from the flow and go off on one of my many ego tangents, which go nowhere to nothing, I feel unsatisfied and experience a dis-ease within my mind. I may say, “This is not where I want to be; this is not giving me what I had expected.” I can then ask my Holy Spirit to guide me back to the flow and once again fill me with the Love of God.

    I realize that my purpose here in the worldly experience I have chosen is to see the difference, and once again make the choice for Truth and Love. Back in the flow, I receive the Love of God and pass it on to whichever of my brothers (God’s other children) are waiting to receive it through me. God is the Source and Holy Spirit is the activating agent, so it is unnecessary for me to do anything except to get out of the way, and let God’s Love flow. In this regard, then, I need do nothing except not interfere, “originate,” or decide that I know how It should be done.


    Sit still, upright in a chair. Close your eyes. Take three slow, deep breaths. Pause and let the stillness and calmness settle in. Now let your imagination “image-in” your world as you experience it. See your body, its size, shape, colour. See any imperfections, pains, or discomforts. See your clothes, hair, makeup, and adornments. Look at your mind and see what it is you believe, and what you think about. Examine your opinions, judgments, and what you believe to be true. Take your time and examine each in detail until you form a picture of what you think you are.

    Now move to your surroundings, your house, your work, your car, your possessions, and your money. Complete your picture of yourself in the form you believe to be you.

    Now move on to your friends, enemies, co-workers, others in your world of special relationships. Include your view of the world; the things of which you approve and those, which you believe need to be corrected. Leave nothing out. Picture all the issues of which you are aware, global conditions, injustices of victims and victimizers. Review past history and witness the unfairness, injustice, futility, and finally death.

    See it all; feel it all; and know that all this is what you think you are. This is thought become form and is what appears to be real to you.

    But now let all the world of fear and clashing dreams of hate go. Through the total, empty darkness begin to see a tiny white light. As you look, it becomes more brilliant and larger. Then you notice the light is coming down a silver tube that appears before you. You feel yourself moving toward the tunnel and the light. It has an irresistible attraction as you feel yourself drawn upward along it.

    The light is absolutely compelling, and as you travel, you begin to sense many people you remember from before. Some are dear relatives who left the world of form long ago. Some are teachers and sages, which appear to urge you onward. They all reassure you that your journey toward the light is necessary, and beneficial for you and that there is nothing at all to fear. Your former world of form is now forgotten, all its treasures and pains have disappeared and you know that that which is traveling toward the light is the real you, the part which has forever been. You are comfortable in the knowing that you are going Home, and anxious to continue your journey.

    The light gets brighter and brighter until it fills your whole awareness. You seem to come out of the tunnel into a room without boundaries totally filled with the brilliant white light. You feel wonderful and simply want to stay in the light.
    But then a knowing ness begins to come to you that there is further to go. The tunnel continues on. You leave the frequency of light and head toward the frequency of thought.

    You instinctively know that, it is thought that has produced light and form where you recently were. You stay awhile in the frequency of thought enjoying its vibrations and investigating all its infinite areas. You realize you are now outside of space and time and that all things are possible.

    But you begin to hear another call, It is like the tinkle of a tiny bell, almost inaudible yet with a power that cannot be denied. You once again enter the vibration of your silver cord and proceed upward. A change seems to be going on around you and in you. You know there is no time, space, body, nor any necessity to be or do anything at all. You begin to sense an infinite lightness as you enter a space of no space in a place of no place.

    You have arrived at the vibration of Being, which is actually before vibration ever began. In this experience of Being you simply know you are ONE with “everything” without knowing or needing to know what “everything” is. You simply ARE and have always been. Your awareness is of complete and perfect ONENESS. There is nothing outside this ONENESS and nothing else within it. It is total in perfect innocence and timeliness. There is nothing to need, want or be and you realize that you are Home where God would have you be. You have not lost yourself, but found your Self and realize you are perfect, complete, joyous, and eternal.

    There is no description, no words, for this experience, but it is as though you are looking right through a window on Heaven, and know it is Here you belong since before time, space, thought, light and form were.

    You have been given “eyes” to see what you are and where you have been always.  But a small urging reminds you that you have some details left to forgive in your other vibrations of thought, light, and form. In infinite gratitude you realize that you have been shown truth, Oneness and Heaven within the “Mind of God” and that you will neve not remember It again.

    You begin your return journey, dwelling in each of your vibrations for as long as it takes to satisfy yourself that there is nothing left to be done there.

    In the vibration of form, which out-pictures as body/world, you now know that All i~ truth and love because you now realize that is what you are. You now can correct any situations and relationships, which need your forgiveness as you extend the love that you are to all those extending love to you, or calling to you for love. There is nothing else. Teach only love for that is what you are.

    Now back in the familiar world of form, become aware of the body you chose to continue this portion of the journey within the world that you chose for your awakening. Now awake to that choice. Feel yourself back in your body, in this room, in your chair.


    In quiet meditation I have been given the “vision” of understanding life, it is as though I have been on a very long journey, but now have arrived at the shore of a very calm and beautiful mountain lake. I still remember the dark woods that had to be traveled through, the dusty far-reaching plains and deserts, hills and mountains to be climbed, rough and rocky ground as well as pleasant valleys and cool streams. There were obstacles to be sure, but also easy places with sunshine and gentle breezes. There were swamps to be circled. There were hilly woods with deadfalls. Sometimes the journey seemed long and hard; other times easier.

    But now, at last, I stood at the shore of the lake. Looking up, snow-capped mountains were palisades for the lake. My gaze returned to the water. It was dark and absolutely glassy — calm. Not a ripple disturbed its peaceful surface. I began to notice its depth, which seemed endless. I became ONE with the lake, the forest, the mountains, sky and clouds. As I stood there, my mind went to another level of being as I “heard,” “I AM.” I knew it was the lake that spoke, and that I was ONE with IT. “You are Me, and I am You, and WE are ONE with ALL.”

    The Being of the Lake told me of my life, my journey, and its purpose. It explained that it had all been planned and necessary so that I might experience all my lessons and finally be brought to. the awareness of pure Being. “You ARE and I AM, and we are ONE, that is what you have learned, that is why your journey was necessary, why you and I chose it, why you have come through all the obstacles, are at the Lake and have become one with It and Me and now understand the ONENESS.” And with this awareness I understood everything that ever was. All of history, time, space, universes and galaxies, body, world, thought, “beliefs,” “ideas,” and all of what people ever found necessary or “real” down through time. The result was an overpowering and total peace as I became ONE with the Lake and disappeared into IT.

    And then I “heard” the awarenesses as they began to flood’ gently in:
    “My Child, you have felt and experienced the reality of My Presence such as you have never known before. Your earthly journey has made you aware of ME, Who Is the CAUSE and ABSOLUTE at the heart center of your being. You understand that you exist as Christ Consciousness within MY MIND. Through the Christ of you, I continue MY CREATION continually forever. You are the expression of ME. MY REFLECTION is not complete without you, just as yours is incomplete without Mine.

    As you meet ME here like this I can finally have you understand / AM. In your completeness you understand. Any prayer is now unnecessary as you are now MY prayer, and I AM yours. If there were any need at all in your heart, We would indeed be separate. And so is ATTAINMENT of ONENESS realized in the certain knowledge there is no need.

    There are not two Heavens, but ONE. There are not two Minds, but OWE. There are not two awarenesses of Being, but ONE. In this acknowledgement you learn, “Nothing can ever separate us from the Love of God.” And as you accept your ONENESS with ME, you also acknowledge your ONENESS with all of nature, time, space, and all “living things” including all your brothers who are truly one with you as well. Regardless of your perception of incidents and occurrences, you understand that ALL is necessary and appropriate just as it is. Once you have mastered this thought you accept your place in My Universe and hold aloft this true light of understanding to light the way for all those seeking Me. As you go forward in My Thinking, Creation is extended as I Willed IT BE. You have come to the crossing and understand STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! STOP divergent thoughts of past or future, LOOK upward for MY GUIDANCE, and LISTEN to MY VOICE for instruction. You will be told where to go, to whom to speak, and what to say. It will no longer be you who speaks, but ME. You can truly say, I need do nothing” because it will no longer be you who decides what you will do, but ME.

    When you understand it is not you who does My Will, but ME, you will come to a great PEACE “which passeth all understanding” and you will know you are ONE with ME and that we go together, extending Creation, forever.”


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