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    Once upon at time, long ago and far away, there is a beautiful Kingdom ruled over by our Father Creator, God. In His limitless Love He extended Himself and created His One Son, The Christ, which is all living things, including us.
     He intended us to be His co creator, going on creating with Him and extending His Kingdom.

    But one day a very small part of us fell asleep and dreamed a dream. In our dream we went to God our Father and asked Him, “Couldn’t You please love us just a bit more than all our Brothers?” To which God replied, “No, My Son I can’t because I love all My Children totally and equally.”

    “Well!” we thought, “That certainly isn’t a situation we can tolerate. There must be someplace we can go to find the SPECIALNESS that we are looking for!” So, in our dream, a very small part of us seemed to SEPARATE: from the larger part of US and leave our Self, our Father God, and our Home in Heaven. We decided that we should go on a journey of discovery and see if we could find the place of our SPECIALNESS. We did not necessarily intend to stay away from Home forever, but we thought at least we could look around and see if such a place were possible.

    So we separated and began our journey down the twisted stairway. Shortly after leaving Heaven, we were aware of another walking with us. He offered to be our friend and show us some really wonderful things. He said his name was EGO. He told us of a great place called WORLD full of many, many bodies for us to play with.

    However, a nagging feeling started to take place in our mind. We were feeling lonely. Also we began to feel GUILTY for having left Home and God. Also we began to FEAR that God would surely find us out and punish us for our terrible SIN of SEPARATION. Ego said not to worry. We could choose to inhabit one of the many bodies in the world. This would give us an identity that we could call us, and as well should be a great place to hide, as a vengeful god would NEVER find us there. “But,” we replied, “We really miss our Father God and His Kingdom.” “Oh, that’s o.k.,” said ego, “Look over here at the wonderful god I have for you.” We looked and saw a very tall old man in a long white gown and long beard. He looked different than anything we had ever seen, but then so did “the world” we were in. Ego explained that if we did and thought everything god and he told us to, then god would reward us. Of course, if we disobeyed or had other thoughts, god would punish us severely. It appeared to be a no-win situation.

    At this point, we noticed a small still voice quietly speaking to us. It identified Itself as Holy Spirit and explained that our Real Father God had put It into our mind to go with us wherever we went on our journey to gently remind us what and where we really were, whenever we got still and were ready to LISTEN. He said we had to ASK as He would never interfere with what we decided we were. But then, ego spoke loudly to us and said, “Oh yes, if you ever see that fellow called Holy Spirit, don’t have anything to do with Him, because God has sent Him to get you and drag you back, screaming and kicking to receive your punishment.”

    So the stage was set. Here we were, in a body of our choice, in a very confusing and bewildering world that began to seem very hostile. We looked all around and saw many of our brothers who seemed to have all the things we thought we didn’t have. We reasoned that if they had it and we didn’t, they must have taken it from us. Therefore, we felt justified in taking it back from them, even if it meant a battle.

    Also, we felt there was something missing in us; we were not complete. Then we saw another who had what we wanted, and proceeded to bargain with them. If they would give to us their treasure that we lacked, we would give to them what it seemed they wanted that we had, although it really seemed of little value to us. We had established a SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP, which was actually a bargain in dependency. Ego called this “a marriage made in heaven.” But let either party fail to supply what they had promised, watch how fast the SPECIAL LOVE RELATIONSHIP turns into a SPECIAL HATE RELATIONSHIP. This is verified by our judgment that anyone who valued the thing we offered them of such little worth to us, couldn’t have been much of a person anyway.

    So our special partner was gone. What should we do now? It was obvious. We would go out and find another more deserving. So after countless attempts to find what we felt we were lacking, we heard the Voice tell us, “Perhaps you would prefer to try them all. When will you learn that what you seek you already have? There is no hope of finding what you seek within the world.”
    We then said to a brother, “There has to be a BETTER WAY of living in the world, and I am determined to find it!” To our surprise he answers, “You are absolutely right, and I will help you to find it.” We had come to a TURNING POINT. We got very still, sat down, and ASKED our HOLY SPIRIT for help. Again, to our surprise, it wasn’t long to arrive, although it came in a form and at a time we didn’t expect. But it was the answer to our prayer, and led us off on the path of the seeker of truth.
    As we watched the lessons of truth unfold for some of the brothers we walked with, we noticed how they attempted to deal with situations provided to them for their lessons.

    Some had great difficulty with their parents, priests, bankers, and partners and tended to blame them for their “troubles” and what they lacked themselves. It was all someone else’s fault, who was doing it to them.

    Some thought it best to question and analyze everything, attempting to realize a solution from the power of their own intellect. They thought understanding would mean salvation.

    Some employed judgment and criticism of everything outside themselves, and went around trying to correct all the errors and tragedies in the world surrounding them. Their goal was to make their dream better.

    Some withdrew into their own privacy, putting “their head into the sand,” and hoped it would all go away or somehow magically be “fixed.” Avoidance and denial was their choice.

    Some got mired in their own unworthiness and littleness and couldn’t understand why everyone was so mean to them and hated them so. If others would only be nicer to them, things would be o.k.

    Some tended to live in the past with their memories, opine that “nothing was any good these days,” and attempt to isolate themselves from the world and all it’s “problems.”

    Some buried themselves in their failing bodies behind brokenness of their own unconscious invention. Some made their bodies so unattractive that they would never again be attacked of misused.

    Some surrounded themselves with mounds of opulence, possessions, money, or hirelings, wisdoms, beliefs, followers and particular lifestyles. They reason that if they can get enough of the world’s treasures or plaudits, they will be safe and fill up the empty God-shaped hole within them.

    They all think that their problems are many and varied and of course much worse than their brother’s. But they lie to themselves. They ALL have the SAME PROBLEM, and it is only ONE. They have forgotten what it is they are and where they LIVE FOREVER.

    The answer is to ASK Holy Spirit’s help in remembering and awaken from the DREAM OF SEPARATION. Be back Home to Love as originally created and which they never left at all, but only dreamed they had!

    There comes a SHIFT in perception when that truth is seen, shortly followed by a BRANCHING OF THE ROAD of thought in which the seeker must make a conscious choice to remain in the insane world of ego, or take the turn for Home and Truth. If he decides for Home, he becomes a dedicated Pilgrim who knows that he wants the Peace of God above all else. Holy Spirit and all the angels of heaven walk with him on the Way he has chosen and although the road may still be long and bumpy, its destination is sure and his arrival back Home in Heaven assured. As the old T.V. show used to say, “This is Your Life” which you dream is so and true. Since it is you who is the dreamer, only you can change your mind about it, and so escape all the pain that it has brought you. Holy Spirit waits patiently in your Spirit mind to guide you Home. ASK.


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