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This is a brief introduction and instruction in some of the HIDDEN TRUTHS found between its printed lines, as we study ACIM.

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YOU are still as God created you.You made your body, your world and all your special relationships.When these no longer are your idols in themselves, they will simply carry you "across the bridge", and you will awaken in the "reflection of Heaven" which is the Real World.

Observations and Discussions on Reality
By James D. (Doug) Rosborough
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Based on Awarenesses gained in a study of "A Course In Miracles ©"

What you have done:
You have left your Self, and are off on a journey of curiosity looking for your specialness. But peace is where you left it.

The means for return:
Is simply to get still, go inward and re-discover your Self.

The goal is:
To become peaceful, recognize your ONENESS with the ALL and be again at Home in perfect happiness, completeness and eternal BEING.

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0591-1The Other You! A Course In Miracles . On Drawing the Line. World of Illusions. God's Promise.
0691-2A Dream Journey
0599-3The Global Wake Up Call!
0998-4The Way It is. Understanding ACIM .
0897-5Heaven and You. Basic Truths. A Pyramid Meditation.
0491-6The Separation. Four Mistaken Choices. The Peace of God. The Dropped and Shattered Mirror. Our Journey In The Dream. A Personal View.
0295-7The Road Map. The Branching Road.
0999-8Ask and Listen. The Cocoon. Remembering God.
0499-9The Shift. Intellect and Emotion. A Purpose In The Dream.
0399-10A Meaning In The Dream. Spirit, Mind, and Body. Sin - Guilt - Fear.
0299-11The Miracle as the Flow of God's Love. The Divine Dichotomy. On Being a Child of God. Some Words About Truth.
0199-12Choose Life! My Altar. One Problem - One Answer. Poetry - The Music of the Spheres. Would You Listen?
1198-13Welcome to Your World! The Way It Is. Hologram of Time. The Last Judgment. Listen and Remember. Creation. Love and the Ego. Extension and Projection.
0698-14A Time to be Love. The Real World. The Second Coming. The Christ. Holy Spirit.
0498-15The World. Sin. The Body. What Is A Miracle? God's Name.
0198-16The Great Truths. The Shift In Perception. The Holy Instant and a State of Grace. Christmas: The Time of Rebirth. Forgiveness.
0297-17The Laws of God. One Problem - One Answer. Miracles and Grievances.
1097-18Spiritual Evolution and Transformation. The IS That Is All. Lesson 62 - Forgiveness Defined. God In Me, As Me, Is Me. All Living Things.
0697-19Life's Lessons. The Walk Back With Spirit. The Separation Healed. Understanding Life. Understanding Vision. Romancing The Mirror.
0397-20Psychic or Spiritual? The Energy of God. Frequency and Vibration. Driving God Home. In the Beginning - God Is. Three Choices.
1099-21The Circle. The Plan Of The Teachers. Eternity. Perfection Of Thought.
0799-22Remembering The Christ. Jesus' Message. Our "Creations". The Ego. The Miracle. What I Am. Let It Be.
0197-23Definition Of Words.
0498-24The Prodigal Son. Spark Of The Divine. The Way Of The Open Heart. The Laws Of God. The Serpentine Path.
1196-25Life And Death. Being A Teacher Of God. Optical Divinity. A Dedicated Purpose. Would The Real Me Please Stand Up.
0996-26The Eternal Sun. The Experience Of A Holy Instant. More Thoughts On The Holy Instant. My Mirror - My Life.
0596-27Beliefs And Truth. Life Before Time. Thoughts About Purpose. The Course And Love. My Magnifying Glass.
1199-28Innocence And Curiosity. It Never Happened. Another Point Of View. Our Purpose Here. What Is Love? On Greatness. The Endless One Circle.
1295-29Steps Towards The Light. Who Are You? On The Attainment Of The Real World. The Principles Of Healing.
0995-30Setting The Goal. Thoughts On Mind. The Real World. My Path. God's Plan For Salvation.
0595-31The Ocean And The Drop. A Matter Of Viewpoint. Spiritual Frequencies. On Darkness; On Love; On Nature; Opportunity. Faith.
0395-32The Oyster. Recipe For Fearlessness. Difference Between Purpose And Goal In The Garden. Life And Death - Reality And Illusion.
1194-33Ego's New Purpose. Faith. People We Meet. Commitment. Responsibility And Relationship. A Meditation: A Dream Of Separation (Guilt). Sin. Fear.
0894-34The Abstract Thought Called Heaven. A Prayer For Life. Knowledge, Soul, And Awareness. Problem Solving. Our Purpose. Our Function.
0694-35Universal Laws. A Tale Of Specialness. Notes On Special Relationships. Our Proving Ground. The Death Of Innocence. Guilt And Despair. My Life - My Classroom.
0294-36Re-discovery Of Your Self. Our Travels In The Dream. Choice And Free Will. Anthony's Story Of The Course. The Fourth Mind. Holy Spirit.
1093-37The Secret Of Salvation. The Walk To God. Opening To Truth. Letter From God. The Awareness Of Life. Our Journey Into Space And Time.
0793-38The Treasure of Greatest Worth. A Matter Of Specialness. On Making A Difference. On Making Judgments.
0593-39Rain. Sunsets And Window Blinds. A Matter Of Viewpoint #2. Going Home. The Reason For Creation.
1292-40Borrowed Time. Dare To Think. Salvation. Death In The Garden. A Matter Of Trust. The Development Of Trust. Conceit, Egotism, and Ignorance.
1299-41Christmas As A Time Of Rebirth. The Circle.
0100-42The New Millennium. Transfiguration. Curious Facts About Truth. Some Suggestions For Being in Y2K. An Observation On The Y2K Bug.
0200-43On Channelling
0300-44The Essenes. Meditation.
0400-45The Message Of The Crucifixion.
0500-46The Way To God's Kingdom. First Head - Then Heart.
0600-47Life And Death. An Out-Of-Body Meditation. Fear Of The Course.
0700-48I Need do Nothing. The Merry-Go-Round.
0800-49On Love. The Responsibility For Sight.
0900-50Purpose And Goal. Life Energy.
1000-51Body-Mind-Spirit. Thoughts On Death And Dying.
1100-52Remembering. A Mediation On The Oneness of Being. Remembering Oneness.
1200-53Seeking Specialness.
0601-54The Healing Of God's Son. Forgiving The Illusion.

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